Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pennies for Prunes

I'm waking up to this news about Gen. David Petraeus resigning from the CIA because of his extramarital affair. I'm confused about why that's an offense that demands his resignation. He's not an elected official, and unless the affair somehow compromised national security I can't see how it makes a difference. Seems like there must be more to this story.

Great, Obama already entangled in a new scandal. The guy just can't win!

I got an interesting piece of mail the other day -- a packet from my former employer offering to buy me out of the company pension system. Apparently they're making offers to all their former employees, trying to lighten their pension obligations. They want to pay me a lump sum or a monthly sum for life. Entertaining to think about, but my inclination is to just let that money sit where it is. Supposedly it's guaranteed even if the company goes under, though I do question how many of these pension plans could conceivably be supported by government if things get bad enough.

I did learn that my pension is worth far more than I ever imagined. So that's encouraging. I thought I'd get just enough to buy a jar of prunes and some Depends each month, but it turns out to be far more than that. Maybe I won't starve in my old age.

I went walking again yesterday. We didn't have as much sun as the day before, but it was still nice to get out and about for several hours in the morning.

(Photo: Street art in Finsbury Park, by the artist who also did this.)


  1. That is actually completely awesome news about the pension. If I were you, I'd be jumping up and down.

  2. Tough call on the pension. I am of the mind that the grasshopper had...a very NOW Zen - sorry later sort of mentality...I would take the money and run. Nothing in this life is guaranteed.
    The general thing is suspect- there is a lot of speculation that his girlfriend compromised security and that there may have been black mail involved- whatever- it is very strange!
    By the way, did you see Obama's speech of thank you to his campaign staff? AWESOME!!!

  3. And HA HA - prunes and depends!

  4. I agree with you on the Petraeus thing. Ridiculous, I'd say. The standards we hold these people to are extreme, and I wonder if the source of it all isn't the right wing media that has grown ever stronger and more influential over the years.

  5. well, if it was just that he was having an affair I don't think that's reason enough to resign, though I read elsewhere someone's comment that the guy was director of the friggin' CIA, full of secrets and he couldn't even keep his own affair secret. so there is speculation that perhaps his affair itself compromised security which would I guess be a good enough reason. However, I believe he has been at odds with President Obama so his re-election might have figured into it as well.

    re your pension, tough call. grab the money and run with what you know you have or let it sit and hope it will be there when you want it. plenty of people have lost pensions they thought were untouchable.

  6. Well, if you don't eat prunes maybe you wouldn't need Depends. ;)

    And speaking of depends or depending, it kind of depends on how much your pension is and whether you want to risk it by waiting. Nothing is in concrete anymore.