Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ice Cream Cone from Hell

Is this not the most disturbing thing you've ever seen?

For me, it certainly ranks right up there. I found it standing outside a cafe and ice cream parlor on Edgware Road just before Dave and I went to Belgium. In addition to having a big scary mouth, this boy is missing the index finger from his right hand, and his left hand seems to be gone entirely. And the cone has apparently been colonized by a woodpecker.

It's even more alarming when viewed from the back.

This is trash, people. It needs to go out in the next dumpster-load straight to the landfill. And I believe in recycling and reuse in every way possible, so I do not say that lightly.

In other news:

-- I have made a major decision. I have decided to give up running. There comes a time when you realize that what used to be fun just isn't fun anymore. It's painful and unpleasant and fatiguing. Running no longer brings me the surge of energy I used to feel. It depletes me. So from now on it's walking for me.

-- My cold is much better, thanks!

-- I had the Glen Campbell song "Dreams of the Everyday Housewife" stuck in my head all day yesterday. Have you ever listened to that song? Lyrically it's completely insipid and unforgivably sexist, describing as it does a woman who is so unhappy with her life that she dances around pretending to be at her high school prom. Unfortunately it also has a catchy melody. (For some reason I am particularly prone to Glen Campbell earworms. "Wichita Lineman" is another common culprit.)

-- I've submitted a photo book proposal to a real, commercial publisher. The law of averages suggests it will be rejected, since most people have to go through dozens of proposals before they get a nibble. But it feels good to have taken that step.

-- I saw Christmas trees for sale on Portobello Road yesterday, so the season is indeed upon us. It looks like Dave and I won't be decorating this year, though. There's really no point, since we're flying back to the states on Dec. 22 to visit family. Those trees will have to find homes with someone else!


  1. OMG. That "sculpture" is nearly obscene.

    I'm always envious about those who profess the "runner's high." I've never gotten one and nearing the age of fifty, imagine I never will.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed on your photo book submission.

  2. ICE CREAM = yummie!

    RUNNING = yucky!

  3. Elizabeth: It IS kind of obscene. Just another reason to be appalled. I used to get runner's highs, but I haven't had one in months and months!

    Dave: Most ice cream is yummy, but that ice cream, not so much.

  4. Uh. Jeez. Now I'm going to have ice-cream nightmares.
    I'm with Elizabeth. I used to run back in my twenties and no, I never got any damn surge of energy and it sucked and I hated it. Now I walk. It still sort of sucks but I don't hate it.

  5. Whoa. It's right up there with the Obama sign I posted. Yikes.

    Glad your cold is better. Mazel tov on your book! YES.

    You are very healthy minded to let go of running now, before you wreck your knees or feet or hips or lower back. I see so many clients who refused to understand there are other ways to get your blood moving, other than running. You are very sane.

  6. Yep, that mouth is freakish!

    I'm sending positive energy toward your book submission.

  7. that ice cream sculpture is the stuff of nightmares. i can imagine it coming to life and chasing me. *shudder*

    congrats on your book proposal. as they say, we take the actions and detach from the outcome; but may your outcome be perfect just the same!

    as for running, i have never ever experienced runner's high, though i have raised a boy who does. that's a close as i'll every get to it. i'm quite sure of that.

    walking is good exercise anyway.

  8. I've never been a runner and I don't think that will change now (especially after the hip surgery). But if I were going to eat such a ginormous cone of ice cream (after I get it away from freak-boy) I would need to do SOME kind of exercise :)

    Glad you're feeling better!

  9. I have seen mannequins like this in NYC and they always catch my attention. I suppose that is the point but they don't make me want to buy whatever it is they are modeling.

  10. My son would love to have that thing in his apartment! He would probably add to it and make it even more disturbing!
    running is hard on knees, feet, hips...and shoes...walking makes sense- unless you are being chased by the ice cream cone guy then I might say "RUN!"

  11. Tacky Americana goes sideways when not done by tacky Americans!