Saturday, November 17, 2012

Misty St. Paul's

I just spent half an hour signing up to license my photos through Getty Images on Flickr -- at Getty's invitation -- and for some reason I can't complete the process. Their system won't accept my forms. Some technical snafu somewhere, I suppose, but not an auspicious way to start the day at 6:30 a.m.

David and I went to Borough Market yesterday to meet with his friend Trish, a Scottish lass who moved back here from the states several years ago. We were supposed to meet "at the entrance to Borough Market across from the tube station," but as anyone who's been to Borough Market knows, there are about 12 entrances, all plausibly across from the tube station. Somehow we connected after some confusion. We grabbed lunch -- a halloumi veggie burger for me -- and then walked along the river to the Tate Modern. We stopped in for coffee and a quick wander through the permanent collection, just long enough to check in with Brancusi's sleek fish.

We then walked through the misty, chilly afternoon across the Millennium Bridge to St. Paul's, in order to catch the tube and join Dave at school in St. John's Wood. We grabbed dinner at a pub and then went to see a student production of "Up the Down Staircase," a somewhat retro play about the difficulties and pleasures of teaching in a New York City school in the 1960s. (I read the book years and years ago -- something I picked up at a thrift sale somewhere.) Kind of a funny play to produce with a student group, involving as it does a bunch of rebellious students, but of course order and perseverance triumph in the end.

Now I'm going to go try that Getty form on another computer and see if I can make it work this time. Ah, technology...


  1. Loving that first pic! Blur: yes!

    Good luck with getting your pics on to Getty. I'm sure you'll figure it out.

  2. It must be such a good feeling to have your photos so recognized. You deserve the recognition, Steve. Your shots are amazing.

  3. congratulations on the invite from Getty.

  4. Sounds like a nice ramble. Hope you had some success with your form!

    P.S. I answered your thermos question on my blog. I'm trying to actually respond in comments these days because I like that YOU do that. We'll see how long it lasts!

  5. Hope you got the snags straightened out. How cool.

    Love the misty dome. So cinematic!

  6. That's wonderful news. I hope you get the forms sorted out. This is great for you and I hope it opens more doors.

  7. Lynne: Ha! Yeah, in that case, I like the blur.

    Ms Moon: Well, it's really only one photo they're interested in. I'll tell the story here at some point. Unfortunately, they want me to get a property release before they'll license the photo, and I really can't do that. So the whole thing may be moot. Oh well. Thanks for the kind words, anyway!

    Nancy: Thanks! :)

    Ellen: Thanks. It was flattering, I admit.

    Bug: It was a great ramble! I'll take a look at your blog to get the answer to the thermos mystery. :) I'm only intermittently good about answering comments, though I'll try to do it more.

    Reya: Isn't it? I knew that dome would speak to you. :)

    e: Well, we'll see. It's a start, anyway!

  8. congrats on getty! well deserved, no matter what happens.

    and look, the harry potter bridge!