Thursday, November 8, 2012

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Among the weirder pieces of public art I've found -- this giant snail on the side of an apartment building. Wouldn't you love to know the thought process of the person who conceived this project?

At least it's smiling. It's a happy snail.

I don't have much to report. I took a long walk yesterday along Seven Sisters Road, which has a great name and runs a couple of miles through northeast London. It felt good to get outside after a couple of days of indoor hibernation and work, and the weather cooperated with intermittent sunshine. Got some good pictures to which you will no doubt be subjected over the next few days.

I've seen surprisingly little complaining about Obama's victory. One of my evangelical friends (yes, I have a few) wrote unhappily on Facebook that she woke up early yesterday morning and could not get back to sleep, seeing the election results. "I needed to pray," she wrote. "The dream I had when I finally did fall back asleep was all about praying in the spirit prostrate before The Lord. Was a very intense, sad dream, but as I started praying, situations (and people) began to change for the good of others."

I am just fascinated by that. It's so different from the way I think and view the world. I haven't seen this woman, who I knew in high school, for years and years, and I don't mean to belittle her faith. But it's safe to say that I would never dream about praying in the spirit prostrate before The Lord. I suppose I'm going to hell.

She also posted an article lamenting the lost (presumably Republican?) votes of babies who have been aborted since the passage of Roe vs. Wade.

Another high school acquaintance, who at least appears to live in the same universe I do, won election to the Florida Senate as a Republican. I sent her a congratulatory message and wished her good luck. Even though we may not see eye-to-eye politically I can appreciate personally her victory and how happy she must be. She wrote back, "Thank you Steve, I might be Republican but I appreciate anybody who will learn the issues and vote their conscience whether you're a Republican or Democrat. Thanks again for your encouragement." Which I thought was cool. We need to be able to talk to each other and be friends even if we disagree, politically or theologically -- you know?

Anyway, it's fascinating to see how people react. Most everyone I know had a very, very good day yesterday.


  1. I love your measured tone here -- it made me smile and feel content.

    And that snail -- well -- it's ugly. :)

  2. I've been unusually respectful myself lately. I remember how bad I felt when Bush won the second time (even more than the first). I couldn't draw breath right for three days. So I have empathy for the losing side. But.

  3. The snail has just broken it off with the lady. The sign reads: This way to freedom!

  4. I love the snail! So cute! I agree it's a strange choice but think about how it would be to live there. Giving directions would be so easy ... "It's the one with the snail painted on the side ..." Quirky.

    As to the pictures you took on your walk, subject away!

    And, you'll have company in that fiery place if it does exist since I will probably be there too.

  5. I think that on the whole, liberals are far more polite than right-wingers. I swear I believe that. I've read so many "now, y'all, we shouldn't gloat," statements in the last day.
    I say- fuck it! Let's gloat!
    But that's just me.
    As to the religious thing- I often wonder how people feel when they truly think that the Lord wanted them to run and then they lose. Like- how do they reconcile that?

  6. snail is awesome and whimsical, love it! England can always use more whimsy. The other cool attitude of acceptance of others indoctrinated with counter- to- intellect- beliefs- I have difficulty with. Religion ruins minds, limits progression in thought and hinders women and gay folks, especially. So, no, I do not respect that. If there is a rational Republican I like hearing what they have to say, what they want for the betterment of the country, it is a troubled party at the moment- sold to extreme religious right and folks like Carl Rove and that little troll in Las Vegas...sorry , no respect for idiocy.They should know better! Abe was the last great thinker /doer Republican. sorry, didn't mean to rant...

  7. Not all religion is ruinous (my Episcopal church fits my lefty sensibilities quite nicely) - but it's so easy to use religion to back up the natural repression & phobias that already exist.

    My Repulican FB friends were pretty crushed, but most of them (falling back on their religion) said that we just all need to pray for the country & move on.

    Now, where can I find someone to paint a snail on MY house? :)

  8. Republicans were pretty stunned. I read several items where they were saying they lost because they weren't conservative enough. WTF!? How do you get more conservative than what they are? They really don't get why they lost. Their agenda is aimed at white male Christians and the country has evolved past that demographic on the one hand and that philosophy on the other. They truly don't understand that their vocal contempt towards those who are not rich white Christian males alienated the majority of the population.

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