Friday, November 9, 2012

Early Morning Phone Fatigue

Here it is almost 7 a.m. and I'm only just starting to write my blog entry. Unheard of!

I've had a crazy morning already. A class assistant called in sick and I could not find a substitute for her. I called ten people (and let me tell you how fun it is to call ten people at 6 a.m.) and none of them could take the job. I exhausted the school's sub list. Well, I've done all I can do -- and there's a teacher in the room, anyway, so it's not like the kids will be running wild.

Did you see Rachel Maddow's post-election show? She went on a terrific monologue in which she basically slapped the Republicans with a reality check, and went on to point out that our opposing parties ought to be able to work together and balance each other's interests in the service of better government. Awesome. I liked it so much I recorded it and you can watch it here.

We are having a refreshing run of sunny(ish) weather, so I seized the opportunity to go walking again yesterday. I'll probably go out today too. I am wearing out the camera!

(Photo: Seven Sisters Road, on Wednesday.)


  1. Thanks for posting the Rachel Maddow clip -- she is really something else.

  2. Oh - splendid spiky buildings. I wish I could whisk them away to a suitably dramatic muuntain in Transylvania.

  3. And thanks for the Rachel Maddow quote. I'm such a hobbit that I hadn't heard of her. I will look out for her now.

  4. What a pair of great buildings. Love the Dutch gables! They would be right at home in any city in Holland. Lovely.

  5. Rachel Maddow. She's so cool I don't understand how she actually got a national gig. Know what I mean?
    Speaking of gigs- yours sounds sort of awful. But necessary.

  6. well, hopefully all those recipients of your phone calls understand you are just doing your job and they signed up for those early morning calls.

    re Rachel...yah!

  7. I KNOW Rachel was/is awesome!!! She just makes my day/evening- she was on Colbert last night, I want to marry her, i do! But she is already married-ish...The election couldn't have gone mo bettah! Thrilled!
    Your photo- those houses- incredible!!!

  8. Thanks for providing the link. I hadn't seen it and it was fabulous. I love Rachel Maddow she tells it like it is.

  9. P.S.
    Wearing out your camera is just not possible.
    Hmm... is it? No, I say NO.

  10. Elizabeth: She IS something else, isn't she?

    Jenny: Glad you liked Rachel! Her show is on MSNBC. As for the "follow" button, there is a thing at the bottom of the page that says "Subscribe to Posts (Atom)." Is that the one? If not, maybe I need to do some research on how to install a follow button.

    Lynne: They are great buildings! I like how they're similar but not precise mirror-images.

    Ms Moon: LOL! It's usually not awful. Yesterday was an exception.

    Ellen: Often they're actually happy to get called. It was weird that so many said no yesterday morning. I guess no one wants to get out of bed on a Friday.

    LindaSue: I'd marry her too, which is saying something.

    Sharon: It's rare for me to cheer watching TV, but she made me want to cheer.

    Lynne: I hope not!!

  11. I've finally caught up on your blog - I really need to quit taking the weekend off from reading :)

    I have a girl crush on Rachel - she is all kinds of awesome. What I like the most is that she passionately cares about the country - not just her piece of the pie.

    And now I'm craving pie. Heh.