Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Modern Art

My friend David arrives today for a weeklong visit from the states. Woo hoo! I'm schlepping out to Heathrow this evening to collect him and bring him back to our humble flat. I'm sure he has a full roster of things he wants to do. Probably lots of museums, which will be great -- my Dave isn't a museum guy so I usually have to go by myself.

Now may be the time to catch up with some intriguing exhibits, like the Tate Modern's newest, which looks really interesting. When I was in my 20s I had a big framed poster of the David Hockney painting, "A Bigger Splash," that lends its name to the show. I think I've already seen the painting in person -- maybe at the Tate, which apparently owns it -- but I'd love to see it again.

Of course, David isn't a fan of modern art, so maybe we won't see that particular show. It's just at the top of my own personal wish list. David is a fan of Leonardo da Vinci and other Italian Renaissance painters of his ilk. I guess I could manage that too.

Yesterday I figured I better get in one last photo wander (although I'll certainly take my camera when I'm out and about with David), so I took a long walk through Kensington and Chelsea all the way to the Thames, and then back up to Sloane Square, where I caught to the tube home. Got good shots, like the one above -- although I really need to learn how to use the manual settings on my camera so I can freeze people without blurring them. I like the blurry effect, the display of motion. But I do it all the time and I suppose it might seem a little amateurish, an obvious indication that I don't entirely know how to control my camera.

Have you seen these people who want to secede from the union because Obama won the presidency? It cracks me up. Go! Please!


  1. What an amazing eye you have!
    So really? Do these states think they can just be their own country? I'd like to see them give that a shot.

  2. I've been laughing at the seceders too - signing a petition doesn't mean you'll get your wish. Do they really think they can do without the things the federal government provides? Who's to keep Mexico from invading Texas, for example - the Texas Rangers? (The police force - not the baseball team!)

    I love that picture - the colors & lines & the lady with her cart :)

  3. I love it that people in the U.S. can send the white house a petition without fear of being imprisoned. God bless America.

    I love David Hockney! Will look forward to a review.

    Have a great time with your friend and by all means, control your camera! Ha.

  4. Steve: Shutter priority. ;) And the highest shutter speed possible in your given light. But of course you already know that.

    It might be fun to use a tripod and do the exact opposite with a really slow shutter speed and get someone in a complete blur. But if you're anything like me the mere mention of the word "tripod" makes me break out in hives. I need to get over that phobia.