Thursday, November 29, 2012

Streets Paved With Light

Here are a few of my shots from my walk along Charing Cross Road on Tuesday afternoon.

I'm betting this guy wasn't singing.

Yesterday I pretty much stayed inside, getting caught up on work (now that my school computer is back after some repairs) and polishing off one of my New Yorker magazines. I also worked my way through about half of the novel I'm reading, David Mitchell's "Black Swan Green." And I practiced with my camera's manual settings, which I'm trying to use more confidently. A low-key day!


  1. You are making me look at things differently. In a good way.
    Hey- you know how over at Elizabeth's you were saying you don't read the fiction in the New Yorker? Sometimes it's really good. Sometimes it's really WTF but you should give some of those stories a try.

  2. I love that first shot - streets paved with light indeed! And the umbrella guy - very cool.

    I should play with the manual settings on my camera too. But we both know I probably won't, don't we. Besides, Mike carries the "good" camer with him anyway.

  3. You caught that "Singin' in the Rain" shot at the perfect moment. Nicely done.

  4. Oh, Steve, these shots are fabulous! Love the reflected light in all three but I think the first shot is my favorite. The Singin in the Rain shot was fortuitous, yes? You turned a rainy day into something special.

  5. the rainy day shots are spectacular, especially that first one, and somehow, combined with your description of your day spent cosily inside, i had the thought (again) that you have really carved out a brand new life for yourself, and it seems to me, from where i stand in your old life back in new york, meaning in journalism, it seems to me to be be so very romantic and good. bravo.

  6. Ms Moon: Very rarely I'll read it. For example, I really like TC Boyle, so if it's a story by him I'll give it a whirl. I'm sure I'm missing some good stuff but I have a hard enough time keeping up with that magazine already! I'll try to be open-minded about the fiction, though. :)

    Bug: It's kind of fun to see what effects you can get and how the photos can vary. But it's work, too! (Especially when you don't love the technology, as I don't.)

    Sharon: Thanks!

    Lynne: Thanks so much!

    Angella: I am very happy with my new life, I must admit, and I know I am incredibly lucky. It can be a little unsettling to define your own niche, but I'm working on it!

  7. Astonishing photos -- the first one is my favorite.

  8. great - love them all, but especially the first shot with MOUSETRAP in lights and reflection.

    hey kudos on the book!! i've been out of the loop keeping up and missed that altho know earlier this fall we did talk about you doing some books of your wonderful photos!

    you are an inspiration!