Monday, March 25, 2013


This cab is frequently parked in our neighborhood. I love the eye-catching graphics. It all seems very '80s, like the cover of an Elvis Costello album.

I wasn't familiar with Aldo, but now that I look online I see it's a shoe company. I'm showing my age here, but when I hear that name I don't think shoes. I think wine.

Dave got back from Belgium last night, just in time to collapse into bed. And of course this morning he's off to work. Ah, the grind resumes! I am so looking forward to Spring Break, which begins on Friday. We'll be off for two weeks, and part of that time we'll be in Paris, where I'll be confronting all my fears about trying to speak French again.

Speaking of Paris, we're boarding the dog while we're gone, and one of the requirements of the canine boarding house is that she be vaccinated for kennel cough. I thought she'd received that vaccine with the rest of her shots, as I assured the boarding house proprietor -- but when I looked yesterday at her vaccination card I was surprised to see kennel cough wasn't included. So I have to get her to the vet this week.

I had a mini-Wim Wenders film festival this weekend: "Paris, Texas" on Saturday and "Wings of Desire" on Sunday. I'd never seen either one, though I've heard people talk about them for years. To be honest, I didn't love them. I found them both a bit tedious. I can appreciate the poetry of "Wings of Desire," which is visually quite beautiful. "Paris, Texas" was beautiful as well -- just overlong, and I wanted to tell the characters to GET TO THE POINT. I think I'm losing patience in my middle years.


  1. I think I watched Paris, Texas once. I can't remember. I can't remember a lot these days. Some things, though, are probably best forgotten.
    I am quite certain I never knew any French so I am impressed that you do.

  2. I remember Aldo! Ha! For some reason that cab makes me think of Austin Powers :)

  3. Film reviews: I like Paul Merton's in his book "Can't Be Arsed".

  4. "Wings of Desire" is one of my favorite movies -- particularly the whole idea that angels are all around us in the form of handsome German men. I thought the photography gorgeous as well --- and the affirmation that it is better to live than to be an angel, wonderful. I haven't seen Paris Texas in years and years and don't remember loving it, either.

  5. Don't sweat the speaking French. It will come back to you. I didn't speak it for about 15 years but when we visited France again a couple of years ago I had no trouble speaking. In fact, I spoke better French that I had when I lived there. Go figure. You'll have a great time. The wonderful thing about the French people is that as long as you are trying to speak their language they are happy to help you with it. I'm so jealous.

    I often wish that I was French. :)

    P.S. Being the film buff that you are you should check out these French films. Watch them subtitled and not dubbed for toning up your language skills:

    My Father's Glory & My Mother's Castle

    Jean de Florette & Manon des Source (Manon of the Spring) For best viewing watch the duo back to back. Love them.

  6. Ms Moon: My French is very rudimentary. I'd probably be better understood in Paris, Texas, than in France.

    Bug: When I first saw it, all I could hear were all those women calling out, "Aldo!"

    Peter B: I don't know that book! I have seen Paul M on TV, though.

    Ellizabeth: It IS a beautiful film. I can see how it appeals to people. And yes, the idea that living is better than being eternal is interesting.

    Lynne: I have a feeling your French is a lot better than mine! Even when I lived in Morocco I spoke mostly Berber, so as I told Ms Moon above, my French is very rudimentary. But we shall see! I saw "My Father's Glory" years ago -- but I haven't seen those others. I'll check them out. I will definitely require subtitles, though!

  7. Steve, I need the subtitles too when I watch the movies but once in a while we'll catch something that they didn't translate exactly.

    I watched one of them dubbed in English once after having seen the subtitled version and they really changed the lines of the characters so much that it ruined the whole movie. There isn't a lot of conversation in any of them, so the subtitles work great. They are all worth watching (again and again!)