Sunday, March 24, 2013

Amaryllis 2

Our first amaryllis blooms are already withering away, becoming dried and dessicated. They remind me of those skirts Stevie Nicks used to wear, the ones that looked like they were made out of sheer scarves.

The blooms are still full of pollen and nectar, doing their best to procreate. Unfortunately for them, I've seen no errant bees in our flat.

While these blooms are withering, we still have more. Another plant is in full bloom now, and has a second flower stalk to boot; two more plants have buds that should bloom within the next week or so.

Sharing the kitchen windowsill with the amaryllis is this small glass heart, which I found a couple of weeks ago while walking Olga, partly buried in the dirt at the base of a street tree. It's a bit weathered but still in pretty good shape. Wonder what the story is there?


  1. That blue heart. Such a tender little find you made.

  2. people, old ladies in particular, become sheer. nearly transparent, nice to remain soft throughout the process, it is beautiful, sad and like " what's it all about" over and over again. Very nice shots of a waning beauty and the little heart really deserves a story! Sweet, and also sad.

  3. Beautiful! Lovely shots! But how did it get ice/snow on it? Even as if fades it still continues to look so graceful.

  4. The red in that first picture, wow. It looks like pleated, gauzy cloth, a swirling skirt.

  5. The amaryllis take my breath away.

  6. Ms Moon: Isn't it?! I really wonder if there's a story behind the fact that it was lost/buried at the base of that tree.

    Linda Sue, Angella and Elizabeth: They DO have a gauzy, transparent beauty at this stage. Skirts was my first thought, too.

    Lynne: That's not snow! It's just part of the flower. Look at the end of the stamen (or is that a pistil?) on your amaryllis blossoms and they'll probably look the same.