Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Balmy Baltic Breezes

I've been wanting to photograph this grocery near our flat for some time. Aren't those great awnings? Yesterday I finally got around to hauling my camera over there. My fingers could barely work the buttons they were so freaking cold.

The forecast today calls for a high of 35ºF. According to the news, our deep freeze is due to "easterly winds from Scandinavia," which sounds a lot more exotic than it feels.

I sorted out a few things with the dog yesterday. I got her the kennel cough vaccine, and I also bought a pet insurance plan -- something I never thought I would do. The kennel requires it, though. So now Olga has health insurance, something that many citizens of my own country don't enjoy.

The world is insane.

I was reading an article recently about the proliferation of real animal fur in garments that purport to be made of faux fur. Apparently real fur is being farmed on such a scale in China (from an animal known as a raccoon dog) that it is cheaper than the fake stuff. We're wearing some dogs, and insuring others! Crazy!


  1. It is a crazy world. There is just no doubt about that.

  2. With all the dogs we've had and all the thousands of dollars we've spent over the years in their medical care we've never purchased health insurance. Maybe we should have! I've never had a kennel require it either. Their thinking must be that if your pet should require medial care while you're gone they don't get stuck with the bill. Still, it's odd.

    I think your balmy Baltic breezes are making their way across the ocean to NJ. I've also heard that some people are forming a lynching mob to go after Phil the groundhog.

  3. it got down to the low 30s here last night. warms up nicely during the day though. here, at this time of year, every cold day means the brutal summer is one day farther away.

  4. Crazy indeed: some dogs are eating horsemeat.

  5. It's freezing here in Atlanta, too. It was near 80 degrees just last week. With all this flip-floppin, I might come down with the kennel cough myself.