Friday, March 22, 2013

Knobby Knuckle Mystery, Part 2

Some of you may remember my journey to the strangely named QEQM building at St. Mary's Hospital a few weeks ago, when I tried to have an ultrasound on my painful index finger joint. They sent me away to return at an appointed time, and that appointed time was yesterday. So I finally got my ultrasound, as well as an x-ray.

What I did not get, at least not yet, is a conclusive answer about what's making my finger hurt. The doctor wasn't convinced he could feel any sort of lump -- as I can -- and the ultrasound, at least, didn't show anything obvious. I didn't get the x-ray results; I have to return to my doctor in a week or so for those.

As I said before, I'm not worried about it. I'm just having it checked out so when they have to amputate my finger in a year's time, people won't say, "If only you'd gone to the doctor sooner."

After my QEQM adventure, I decided to take advantage of the fact that I was out of the house and away from the dog, and I took a photo walk up through Islington, a borough of north-central London. I got some good shots, and it was nice to be out and about and footloose and fancy-free (whatever that means). When I came home I found that Olga had eaten the mail and pulled up the hallway rug -- or at least, the underlying sticky mats that held the rug in place. Those mats are in the trash now. And we move on.

I've read more about the Michelle Shocked situation that so distressed me earlier this week. An audio recording of the disastrous portion of her performance has been posted online, and listening to it is a profoundly uncomfortable experience. But I'm glad I did, because I've decided she really is mentally unwell, and whatever apparently homophobic things she said arise from a desperately conflicted person in thrall to some extremist theology (and possibly lacking necessary medication). I've decided to forgive her. I really don't think she meant to be hateful.

(Photo: Speaking of hateful, Mr. All Sorts definitely did not want his photo taken. But I wasn't going to pass up that wonderful shopfront, complete with ladder to hold the parking space out front. Him flipping me off makes it all the better!)


  1. I would have to say that Mr. All Sorts was definitely out of sorts! Sheesh!

    And how strange that nothing showed up on the ultrasound. Maybe the X-ray will have more to show. I guess Olga was not happy being left behind! My Bella goes to my desk and takes papers off it if I leave the office door open. Sometimes I find them shredded, but other times she just eats them. Darned dogs. ;)

  2. what a great shot. I love the Mr. All Sorts. So are you sure it's not arthritis in your finger joint?

  3. I read that Michelle has now said that she was saying what an anti-gay person would say, not what she herself believes. I have no idea, but I hope that's true.

    You are just like me - in fact right now I'm monitoring some bumps on my face that I'm sure are going to require face amputation at some point in the future. Ha!

  4. You get a big Haha! on that picture from me.
    I'm glad your finger appears to be fine. This is why I never go to the doctor- anything which is actually hurting or bothering me is always dismissed as nothing.
    As to the Michelle Shocked thing- I loved what a musician friend of mine said about it on Facebook which was something along the lines of "I've made some bad career moves in my life but this takes the cake."

  5. I thought he was pointing to his sign! I see now. Looks like a shop of mystery and I would love to go in and snoop. Sorry about your finger- hope it is the middle one and then you can flip folks off with out intent. Speaking of intent- Michelle's rant was very insane, manic, I reckon. Sad.
    I love that Olga is naughty, I love her even more!

  6. All sorts of things to hide perhaps?

  7. The potential finger amp was the funniest part of this post. I already know that during my shower tonight, I'll think of it and laugh.

  8. That is a supreme street shot! I am totally glad you caught that makes the photo! Great post as always!

  9. Great shot --

    The big toe on my right foot is arthritic, and the pain is immense periodically. I was convinced at one point that it was disintegrating! I sure hope you get an answer for your finger -- any chance it's the one that takes the photos?

  10. They did an ultrasound on your finger?

  11. They did, Jerry! I was surprised too. :)