Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No Tube, No TV

Yesterday I came back to my desk early from lunch. I'd eaten but I still had half an hour left in my ridiculously long lunch break, and my coworker persuaded me to take a walk rather than just sit down and go back to work. (I know this sounds like a work environment from another planet but I swear that's really what happened.)

I don't love walking in the neighborhood around the school -- like many wealthy neighborhoods it has very little character. Lots of hedges and walls and big white houses and uninteresting, gentrified businesses. But I walked in a new direction and after several blocks, I did find some photos, like this one of a pub that wasn't quite on my radar.

So, moral of the story -- and as I often say -- there's always something to photograph. I'm glad my coworker made me go outside.

Olga was funny on her walk this morning. She was very insistent about going in a different direction, and eventually she led me straight to the vet! I hope she's not trying to tell me something. (I think she just likes the vet. She often gets treats there.) Then, when we got back to our apartment complex, I let her off leash (like I usually do) and she immediately ran behind a hedge and ate something very crunchy. I could hear her crunching it. I have no idea what it was, but it hasn't killed her yet. Bad girl.

The tube strike has apparently taken hold, at least according to the headlines -- so I will definitely be walking to work today. I tried to turn on the TV this morning but it's giving me a message that says "no internet connection detected," which is weird because a) it's obviously untrue and b) our TV doesn't come through our home internet connection. I suspect our building's reception has been disrupted by this morning's high winds.

It's going to be an interesting day.


  1. I love those purple balls -- what are they?

  2. It's always better when they eat something crunchy, unless it's a bone of course. It's when they eat something and you can't hear the crunching that's bad. When Jake at something soft, there were always digestive ramifications.

    Glad you got out and walked. I haven't walked a lot this winter. The weather has been beastly. Also I still rail against having to walk around with a big camera around my neck. I'm glad I have it when I stop to take a picture, but it feels like a millstone around my neck.

  3. The colors of that little pub are very pleasing. Who would have put green and purple together? Obviously the people of London are not afraid of color.
    Oh Olga- she just loves to eat whatever she can find, doesn't she?
    How long do you think this tube strike is going to go on?

  4. The New Inn looks so inviting and minimal. I want to sit right out front and have a cucumber sandwich. I'm ready for spring.

    Oh. And just believe that Olga got hold of some peanut brittle and put it out of your mind. No need worrying unless you have to.

  5. I love that Olga headed to the vet's office :)

  6. Dog will be dogs! :) Olga will be Olga. Funny girl.

    The New Inn looks pretty cheery and right now I cannot imagine sitting outside to eat with just a sweater on! Our weather is abysmal.

  7. Elizabeth: Floral decorations of some kind. Not sure they're real. I didn't get a close look!

    Reya: I'm not sure about your crunchiness theory. :)

    Ms. Moon: It's scheduled to last 48 hours, and then there will be another one next week for 48 hours. For some reason they're finite strikes.

    Nancy: Peanut brittle! Of course! Why didn't I think of that?! (And why didn't she share it?)

    Bug: It's all about the treats.

    Lynne: It's chilly here, but so far we've been spared very cold weather.

  8. When its not too cold or too hot (which is about half the year it seems, the too hot part) I like to walk outside instead of at the gym. But living in this agricultural area and the neighborhood with large lots (1/2 - 2 or more acres) or cotton or corn fields, there's not a lot to look at of interest.