Thursday, June 5, 2014

And So It Begins

Our leases are signed. Our deposits are down. Our new couches are paid for. Apparently this move really is going to happen.

(Did I mention that we're buying furniture from some coworkers, the current occupants of the flat where we're moving? It's not furniture I would have purchased new, dark brown and unremarkable, but it will do for now. Best of all, it's already delivered! Most of our current Very Beige furniture stays with the apartment we're vacating.)

Yesterday, another group of real estate agents came trouping through our current home, asking for more photographs. The first showing is scheduled for tomorrow morning -- and the place isn't even listed yet! I suppose I have to make the bed every day now.

Olga greeted the real estate people with enthusiasm, wagging her tail and licking their hands like she'd known them for years. I've tried to minimize the number of strangers coming into the house when she's alone here by insisting that showings occur when she's with the dog walker. But that's not going to happen tomorrow, when the potential buyer can only visit during Olga's customary morning nap time. In any case, she appears to be a lousy guard dog.

Anyway, none of this is very interesting. Sorry about that. It's just where my life is at the moment. I could talk about trying to collect overdue books before school ends, but that's even less interesting. (Oh, and for those of you who asked, school ends on June 13.)

(Photo: Yams for sale in Dagenham, May 18.)


  1. Our lives are running parallel right now. We will sign a contract today for the city house I think. The buyer has jury duty so it depends on if he gets out before we are ready to leave. Or we might wait the extra time. And we ought to finish the current work about the time your school is out.

  2. I would not trade you places for anything.Moving is in my mind a brain/body tornado of ick! You do seem to be dealing with it well. Can you substitute a Yam for a Sweet Potato? Have a good day and pet your fierce dog for me :)

  3. Pictures! We want pictures of your new home!

  4. That's a lot of yams! Great shot, Steve!

  5. All of it is interesting, every word. And yes, I want pictures, too!