Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dinosaur Pavilion

This year's temporary summer pavilion just opened at the Serpentine Galleries in Kensington Gardens. Designed by Chilean architect Smiljan Radic, it looks like a huge fiberglass UFO that landed on some rocks. Or maybe a gigantic dinosaur egg.

As you can see, Olga seized an opportunity to roll enthusiastically on the pavilion's lawn, beneath the withering gaze of a gallery employee. She's definitely not allowed inside the pavilion, where there's a cafe. Maybe she's not allowed on the lawn either? Oh well. We didn't know.

Dave and I went to the wedding of our friends Pete and Laura yesterday near Whitehall, just a few blocks from Big Ben and Westminster Palace -- and coincidentally, near the terminus of this year's Gay Pride parade! So in the few hours between the understated, secular ceremony -- where sunflowers in glass bottles lined the aisle -- and the mushroom risotto at dinner, we were treated to passing glimpses of pride-variety fabulousness. (I specifically remember a shirtless guy in a gold-sequined top hat, feathery collar and Speedo.) Unfortunately I didn't get to take any Gay Pride photos this year, as I didn't drag my camera bag to the wedding. Besides, it poured rain for much of the afternoon. All the more reason to stay inside and drink champagne!


  1. That pavilion is very odd looking but, I'd still love to see it in person. It looks like a great place to snap some photos.

  2. Fascinating pavilion! But it looks kind of claustrophobic to me... Oh, & re: Olga - some people are just uncomfortable in the face of all that unrestrained joy :)

  3. That IS an odd-looking pavilion and would probably be better suited on the grounds of a natural history museum! I love that you chanced upon the Gay Pride parade -- and I really love that hilarious photo of Olga!

  4. That picture of Olga wallowing in the grass, completely unimpressed by the strange structure behind her actually made me laugh out loud.
    I'm so sad you didn't get any pictures of the Pride Event. Next year? Please?