Saturday, June 21, 2014


I was just telling Dave the other day that I hadn't yet seen many butterflies this year. And then I took Olga to Wormwood Scrubs on Thursday, and we saw quite a few! This small tortoiseshell caught my eye, sitting with its wings spread on a blackberry bush...

And not far away was this comma, also on a blackberry.

In fact, the blackberries seemed very popular with butterflies, like this large skipper.

This meadow brown, however, kept to the grass.

And here's a gratuitous ladybug, just because!


  1. great shots. I haven't seen many butterflies out here either, not did I last year. I find that troubling even though I try to plant things they like. Also not so many bees either.

  2. Same here. I am worried.
    But you got some great shots.

  3. Beautiful shots! I like them all.

  4. When things like this happen, I begin to think we conjure our whole lives. Lovely photos!

  5. How do you know all their names?! Lovely pix.

  6. How wooly that comma is! Great shots.
    Of course, you already know that I am somewhat partial to ladybugs! :)

  7. wonderful shots , love the details, the furriness. So pretty! I am getting excited to see you new digs!! I am sure that Olga is as well, her own yard to poo in.

  8. Lady Bugs are a favorite...Impressed that you can remember the names of butterflies. Happy weekend.

  9. Ellen & Ms. Moon: I read something recently by an older man who said he sees far fewer butterflies today than he did when he was a boy. I suppose that's to be expected in an age of insecticides, but it IS worrisome. I hope to make our new backyard a butterfly haven!

    Sharon & 37P: Thanks! :)

    Jiryu: Google knows all!

    Lynne & Linda Sue: I never knew butterflies were so furry until I got my long lens.

    Lynne & E: There are TONS of ladybugs in England. I see them quite often and I love them too!