Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Dog Remains Housebroken

Apparently the apartment photography happened yesterday as planned. In the morning I tidied the house once again -- decluttering, cleaning the floors, making the beds, polishing the mirrors -- and left for work, essentially turning everything over to the real estate agent and hoping for the best. I was a bit concerned because Olga's digestion has been wonky ever since our recent trip to the canal, and she was home alone for a few hours after my departure. Would the photographer arrive at our pristine, gleaming, meticulously staged home and find...a turd?

Fortunately, that didn't happen.

(I'm sure the photographer would have handled the situation with aplomb. No doubt someone in that line of work has encountered almost every residential nightmare.)

Last night I paid our security deposit and first months' rent on our new place. Occupancy date is July 8. It's starting to feel real now, though it won't feel completely real until we sign the new lease in the next day or two. (Actually, it probably won't feel completely real until July 9!)

I am trying to edit our belongings in anticipation of the move, taking some (mostly unsaleable) clothes to the corner charity shop and some used books to the book thrift store. Dave never understands my compulsion to do this, but to me, moving is all about taking stock of your stuff and thinning the accumulation.

I'm also thinning my online life. I deleted my Twitter account yesterday, not that I ever used it. I think I tweeted approximately five times, once in 2009 and a few more times in 2010. I said clever things like, "I thought I'd try Twitter -- so here goes." Since then my account has been dormant. Yesterday morning I got to wondering whether it even still existed, so I logged in, and there it was -- hibernating, waiting for me. I read some recent tweets by people I'd "followed," mostly because I knew them. A former co-worker tweeted, "Don't judge us because we love tater tots."

I thought, do I really need this in my life?

The answer is no. Facebook contains enough inanity to keep me busy.

(Photo: Dogs at Kilburn Market, May 16.)


  1. Saw Chef yesterday. The twitter storyline was hilarious. Sweet movie.

  2. I'm with you on Twitter.
    And oh honey, in a month and a few days, this will all be done and all will be well.

  3. Well, finding "a turd" would be okay. Finding anything softer than that would not be okay. ;)

    I never got Twitter anyway. You're right, you don't need that in your life. I finally embraced Facebook so we'll see how that goes.

    Can't wait to see your new place! You'll be moved before you know it.

    When does school end?

  4. Man, am I out of the loop. Didn't know you had found a new place. I'll have to cancel my twitter account too. Don't think I did even 5 tweets. I'm far too busy and no smart phone anyway. This week and next and we will be moving ourselves, the shop that is.

  5. Your story about the real estate agent reminded me of the time my friend bought a cabin in the mountains north of Phoenix. I went with him on one trip to view the place which was occupied by a young woman who worked at a drug rehab center near the town. I will never forget that viewing. That woman had done exactly nothing to prepare the house for sale. It was a huge disaster with dirty dishes piled on the kitchen counter and ugly, smelly water standing in the sink. There was junk piled everywhere to the extent that it was hard to move around the place. Piles of clothes seemed to be everywhere and there were more clothes on the floor of the closet than were hanging up. I remember telling him that I wouldn't touch the place but, he had more vision than me. He bought it and turned it into a beautiful, welcoming little vacation home. We had lots of fun there.

  6. Ha! don't hate us because we love tater tots? Hilarious.

    I have a twitter account but never use it either. There are only so many platforms I can accommodate.

    Of course I understand your desire to declutter and get rid of stuff. I love getting rid of stuff.

    Congratulations on the new space! Exciting!

  7. Good dog...give her an extra bone or more time in the park...I understand the culling because I do the same but tweeting always seemed silly and I've no inclination toward Facebook. Thanks for your comment. Will do a better job of staying in touch.

  8. I think I have a Twitter account, but I can't be sure --

  9. I would have loved Olga's gift if only she had left one. Excited about your move! I admire you whittling down the clothes, the books the whatever does not enhance your existence. I am ...shamed...I do not understand twitter. who cares what anyone else is doing every moment of every day? It's a celebrity thing.