Tuesday, July 22, 2014

One Short Street

I experimented yesterday with the Bleeding London project, shooting photos on a couple of streets in our neighborhood. Bleeding London, as you may recall from yesterday's post, is a Royal Photographic Society project to photograph every street in London between March and October 2014.

Here are my results from Kingdon Road, a tiny (maybe a block long?) street not far from our flat.

I often say there's always something to photograph. This project puts that notion to the test.

I mean, not every photo can be a prize-winner. I'm not sure which of these I'll enter in the Bleeding London competition. (If any -- maybe I'll go back and shoot Kingdon Road another time!)

The challenge is a lot of fun!


  1. I love looking around your neighborhood.

  2. Ah- the Buddha head, looking out, keeping watch. I think it's a Buddha head or is that just projection of my thoughts?

  3. I think the red door photo is a good one to enter; maybe shoot it from a few more angles, if you haven't already, or in different lighting conditions, to try to get something special.

  4. The ones from the little street are all pretty great! I love the plaster cats on the wall, and the trash story- Looks like a relationship that ended sadly- just fed up. These are all very interesting photos. Bleeding Great!

  5. I agree about the challenge being the fun part. I look forward to the challenges presented by my art challenge club group. I'm working on "abstract" as the challenge right now. I decided to try my hand at doing an abstract painting. It's not as easy as it looks but, I'm learning.
    Have fun with this project. It sounds like great fun to me.

  6. Love the cats! Such a nice detail in a place where people might not put anything...

  7. Reya: Me too!

    Ms Moon: Yes, that is a Buddha head.

    Richard: Revisiting a street at a different time of day is a great idea.

    Ellen: People shoot these streets in different ways. I've seen photos looking up and down the street that are more of the whole scene, and I've seen photos like mine that capture just a small piece.
    I think the contest needs shots that somehow capture the flavor of the street or the neighborhood.

    Linda Sue: Yeah, that trash can shot DOES look like someone had a fight, doesn't it?!

    Sharon: Challenges just help us see things differently, I guess, or consider factors we normally miss.

    Bug: I thought so too! They have a kind of deco/vintage appeal!