Monday, May 2, 2016

Back to Blighty

I’m writing this en route back to England. (While sitting at a bar in the Tampa airport, to be specific, having a Stella Artois.) By the time I post it I will have landed in London.

Such a short Florida visit, and yet so meaningful. I spent all night awake with Dad on Saturday. Without getting into details — and invading my dad’s privacy — I'll just say his recovery may not be as speedy as we had initially hoped. I guess there are bound to be complications when operating on the brain of a 79-year-old man, especially one who’s as secure in his home and routines as my dad. Sometimes it takes a few days for problems to make themselves completely evident. To me, anyway. 

Isn’t that mysterious? Sorry.

It will be interesting to try to follow this unfolding saga from across the ocean. If Dave didn’t have his own surgery tomorrow, I would probably have extended my Tampa stay. I’d like to see Dad more settled in an inpatient therapy center (which is where he’ll go when discharged from the hospital — not immediately home). But life goes on, right?

Did I mention that I watched “The Revenant” on my flight to Florida? Despite my nephew’s capsule movie review that it was nothing more than two hours of heavy breathing from Leonardo DiCaprio, I liked it. I thought it was suspenseful and well-acted — basically a more brutal version of Robert Redford’s “Jeremiah Johnson.” I felt sorry for the bear, though, and certainly the horse.

Finally, I just have to share these shots of my dad and stepmother’s dogs, Maybelline and Manny:

I horsed around with Maybelline, the black dog, yesterday afternoon. Her idea of playing is barreling into me like a linebacker, without the slightest effort to slow her speed before impact. She unintentionally scratched the hell out of my left arm and I bled like a stuck pig. Now Olga will know I cheated on her. I’m coming home with a hickey!

(Top photo: A car repair place on Fletcher Avenue, Tampa.)


  1. Poor Olga! I hope your arm heals quickly. Best to Dave and I hope things improve for your Dad!

  2. I would have been surprised if your dad did recover quickly without complications. well, at least since you must fly home to take care of Dave, your dad has your siblings there to look after him.

  3. Sure am thinking of you and Dave. Hang in there.

  4. Sometimes recovery takes extra time and can throw unexpected curve your way. So now for dave? I hope things go well.

  5. Sending lots of good thoughts your way and down to Florida. I hope all goes well with Dave's surgery.

  6. I'm thinking back to my own dad's surgery at about that age. It wasn't surgery on his brain but the anesthetic (and the chemo) was still very hard on him and I was told that that was normal for an elderly person. Time and rest and good care will help your dad. He may have a "new normal" as I was also told. Wishing him the best.

    And good luck to Dave for his impending surgery. Take care of yourself, Steve.

  7. When my FIL had open heart surgery in his 80s it took him a long time to recover. Wishing him the best!

    We saw the movie, in fact we bought it. And, we hated it. It was nothing like the book (which we both read) which was fascinating and real. The movie, not so much. Hollywood screwed that one up big time.

    Thoughts being sent your way to both you and Dave on his upcoming surgery.

  8. Lol cheating on Olga! May you and all your loved ones come through this rainy period into blue skies. Will be thinking of you and Dave tomorrow and beaming good thoughts. xo

  9. Your southern roots are coming out with that "bleeding like a stuck pig" comment! Great pictures, and I'm glad that you got to spend some time with your father. It must be difficult to tear yourself away and head back toward Dave who needs you, too.!