Sunday, May 8, 2016

Inside a Tree, with Mermaids

I'm testing those of you who have declared in the past, "We can never have too much Olga!"

Since my life at this point is mostly hospital and work, I don't have much else to show you.  I go to the hospital in the morning before work (even though I've belatedly realized that's not technically "visiting hours") and I go back to the hospital immediately after work. Dave is doing better, little by little, but he still has pain and it's a challenge for him to eat. I try to spend as much time with him as I can. We're hoping he can come home in a few days.

Yesterday, being Saturday, I had more time in the afternoon to take Olga to Hampstead Heath. (After French class, bien sûr!)

She climbed inside this hollow tree. It's a huge tree, one that frequently contains playing children. This time, she had it to herself.

Amid all the hideous barriers and denuded landscape resulting from a monumental project to remake the Heath's ponds and waterways for better flood control, we found a trio of mermaids. (Look how muddy Olga's legs are!)

It was a busy Heath day all around -- tons of people, with the sun out (more or less) and temperatures in the high 70s. I was exhausted, but glad to have the opportunity to get out and about!

I also understand from my relatives in Florida that my dad has come home from the hospital and is recuperating there. Which is good news. He'll be much better off in familiar surroundings, living some semblance of his daily routine.

Did you hear that London elected a muslim mayor on Thursday? I couldn't vote in the election -- I'm not a citizen -- but I'm glad he won. He would have been my choice. (I'm sure that Trump and his ilk will take it as further evidence of the deterioration of the West. Like this idiot.)

Finally, one thing I am able to do while sitting at the hospital is read. I just finished Anita Brookner's novel "Hotel du Lac." She died several weeks ago and all the news coverage mentioned this book, which won the Booker Prize in 1984. I'd never read it, so I ordered a used copy, and it was well worth it -- an exploration of a woman torn between an unavailable man she loves, and available men that she doesn't, set within the confines of a slightly down-at-heel Swiss hotel. I loved the description of the woman's bland hotel room as "veal-colored." You can just picture that impersonal grayish beige, can't you?


  1. Glad to hear that your Dad and Dave are on the mend, though I am sorry it is difficult for Dave to eat. I've always liked Brookner's work. Best to you and wish your mom a Happy Mother's Day from me.

  2. that is a fabulous tree! and muddy legs doesn't even begin to cover it. and at least some westerners aren't Islamaphobic.

  3. I'm glad that your dad and Dave are both doing well. And, it's fun to see Olga romping through the flowers (and the mud). I had not heard about the stupid guy who turned his back on the new mayor. That was very childish. High 70's sounds like perfect London weather. We've actually had a weekend of high 70's here too. It's very much appreciated after it reached 102 just last week.

  4. Filthy Olga!!

    A veal-coloured hotel room - yuk!

    And Paul Goldman - turning his back says more about him than ten thousand words could convey....

    Ms Soup

  5. Extract from...
    "The Adventures of Olga"
    by Steve Read M.P.

    Once upon a time there was a mischievous dog called Olga. Where ever she went she was looking for mischief. On Hampstead Heath or in the garden, Olga was always up to mischief.

    One day, the postman came to call and mischievously Olga clamped her teeth on his left leg. Oh what a naughty dog! The postman was shouting and swearing and it was ever so funny. The postman ran away leaving a trail of red drips behind him as Olga barked mischievously in his wake.

    Another day Olga stole some sausages from Mr Lamb, the local butcher. Mischievously, she ran down the street with the sausages dragging behind her as Mr Lamb waved his enormous chopper in the air. Oh what merry japes!

  6. Such lovely pictures! Even of Olga's muddy legs. She is a dear and photogenic dog.
    Glad to hear about your dad and Dave and tell Dave to be patient with the process...healing will happen as it will and attempts to hurry it will only hinder it.
    I'm sure he knows that.
    Love...Ms. Blah-blah-blah

  7. You're a very busy guy. I'll bet you'll be glad when this is over.

  8. Olga!!! What a fun time she seems to be having in those pictures.

    I'm glad to hear that your dad and Dave are both on the mend.

  9. Olga with her black stockings , like one of those French girls, looks as though life is just fine thank you very much. DANG she is cute, never have enough OLGA, That tree is amazing, perfect place to snooze on a windy night. Still walking around with Dave in my thoughts, Well and rosy be better thoughts...

  10. I am ALWAYS happy to see Olga pictures! She looks like she's wearing stockings :) You have so much green there; I'd say you are about three weeks ahead of us in your spring.

    Time can drag when you are ill and trying to heal, but a body needs rest to make it happen. You need rest, too - try to get all you can. Thinking of you and Dave and your dad.