Monday, May 30, 2016

Olga and Wisteria

Olga and I went walking on all four parts of Hampstead Heath yesterday morning: The East Heath, Sandy Heath, West Heath and Hampstead Heath Extension. (Here's a map, if you're curious.) We've never done all four in a single day, at least not that I can remember. She got a workout!

(She also got a bath when we got home, because, you know -- mud.)

On the way to the Heath we passed this amazing wall of wisteria in Hampstead. We first saw it a few weeks ago, when it hadn't yet bloomed, and I filed it away in my mind, thinking, "That will make a fabulous photo!" I was afraid it would be past its peak by now -- and I think it is, very slightly -- but it still made a good shot.

I unleashed Olga and told her to stay.

She's not the best listener. But eventually she complied.

Aside from our vigorous walk, yesterday consisted mostly of housework. In the evening our coworker Colin had a barbecue at his house, and Dave didn't feel up to it, but I went and had fun. (Is it bad that I left my sick husband at home while gallivanting off to a party? I think he was probably glad for the peace and quiet after being tormented by the vacuum and the washing machine all day.) Colin has a fire pit, and we all drank wine and sat around the fire roasting marshmallows, which I don't think I've done in -- oh, what -- 30 years? More? Anyway, today I smell like one of Smokey the Bear's assistants.


  1. Beautiful wistera!

    Thanks for the map! Next time, we visit London, we should probably spent time at Kenwood House and gardens. Have you ever been there and recommend it?

  2. Karen: I have never been inside Kenwood House, but I've been on the grounds. One of my goals this summer is to finally go inside. I usually can't because I always have Olga with me.

  3. Olga was made for this picture. Or maybe the wisteria. Brilliant!

  4. Gorgeous! Olga sets off the wisteria nicely.
    You can get to Broadstairs by train and it is walkable from there along the beach. With all the walking you do it shouldn't be a problem. Now all you have to do is find a dog friendly hotel! Also look up dogs on the beach if you were taking Olga. I did see a couple though, but there might be restrictions on the bathing parts of the beaches.

  5. QUESTION Is it bad that I left my sick husband at home while gallivanting off to a party?
    ANSWER Yes.

  6. That's one of the most incredible photos I've ever seen.

  7. that is an amazing wall of wisteria. and that was quite an outing if you covered all the Heath. There's a walking path here that goes from the main road on the west to the main road on the east and sometimes I take Minnie there for the 'long walk'. About 3/4 of the way to the east end she's lagging behind and looking back. once we get to the end and turn to go back she's like those old horses you used to rent...once turned back to the barn, there was no stopping them.

  8. Holy cow! That is a lot of territory to cover including the walk up from your house! You've got legs, you know how to use them! I am sure Dave appreciated the alone time, the quiet. Healing.
    And yes, Great shot of the wall and the pooch!

  9. The wisteria is so beautiful, the fragrance must have been almost overwhelming.
    I'm glad that you and Olga had such a good Sunday outing and that you got to your friends party. I agree Dave was probably quite content to have some quiet,healing hours.

  10. Oh my gosh, that wall of wisteria is fantastic and little Olga just adds to the shot.
    I think quiet time is important when you are on the mend so Dave most likely enjoyed his quiet time.

  11. That wisteria would catch my eye too. I guess it didn't impress Olga.

  12. Stunning photo. Good modeling job, Olga! I love wisteria, so beautiful.

    You should try sitting around a campfire more often. We were also sitting around one eating a brownie and sipping on whiskey the same night as you were. The sound of our creek in the background and the big horned owl calling. Yes, we smell like smoke the next morning but it's worth it for the peace and relaxation it brings.