Saturday, May 14, 2016

Pasta and Suet Balls

Not a whole lot went on around here yesterday. I had an uneventful day at work and then came home and mowed the lawn. I weeded one of our flower beds and once again mistook a garden plant for a weed. This time I didn't pull it up, thankfully, but I did cut most of the leaves off. They'll grow back.

I'm a menace, I tell you.

Dave isn't well enough to get out in the garden yet. Even standing up long enough to cook pasta is a challenge for him (as we discovered last night while cooking pasta, when I had to step in and finish up). Het gets dizzy and feels weak, which I suppose is normal for someone who lay in a hospital bed for two weeks, barely eating, and lost much of his muscle mass. I wish we'd weighed him before and after his surgery, because the difference would be dramatic.

He is continuing to improve, though, which is what I tell all the students and teachers who ask about him. He's eating more and slowly feeling stronger, though even he gets frustrated by the slow pace of his recovery.

You can see some of his get-well cards on the windowsill above. The roses came from one of his teaching colleagues.

Olga antic of the day: We have a bucket of dried suet balls that we bought for one of the bird feeders. I was refilling the feeder yesterday morning when I looked down to see Olga chowing on one of the suet balls. (They're full of seeds and about the size of a small orange.) She had that whole thing in her stomach before I could say a word. Her dog walker must wonder what the heck we feed her.


  1. recovery sometimes seem so slow...but he had major surgery so it will be slow. take care.. I love the flowers and cards are a necessary part of letting others know you care.
    oh Olga you are so silly!!

  2. Such sweet cards and flowers.
    Poor Dave- this is going to take a while, isn't it?
    Olga. She probably thought the suet balls were a delightful treat for her!

  3. Dogs will eat pretty well anything and at an incredible rate.

  4. yum suet balls, tossed with pasta! If wishes worked Dave would be running around the garden by now. In my thoughts, always. We lucked out with Dexter, his kind must have been bred with a human somewhere down the line, he never behaved in dog like manner, never ate what was not given to him on a plate with a napkin.

  5. Well, suet after all is a meat by-product ... Olga's nose knew that! Love Linda Sue's comment. Continued best wishes for a steady and complete recovery for Dave. Take care of yourselves over there.

  6. when I fill the tea cup bird feeder on the window seat, Minnie is always standing next to me and she will sneak her little head and tongue in and snatch a sunflower seed for herself.

  7. Also the roses are so beautiful on your table below the well wishes!

  8. I'm glad to hear that Dave is recovering. I imagine you are the best nurse! As for Olga -- she is something else!

  9. Patience, as in patient be patient. I know. I have been told this too often but it's the truth.
    But wouldn't it be nice if we could hurry up with recovery?