Thursday, April 30, 2020

Looking Out the Windows

Here's a view through our rain-streaked living room window of the Senetti (the purple flowers) I bought at the grocery store the other day, with some  primroses in front. Yes, we had another rainy day yesterday, though not as rainy as Tuesday. The plants are definitely happy for some moisture.

Olga and I went to the cemetery during a short dry spell in the morning. The cow parsley is blooming in the back corner near the butterfly garden. Olga pretended she was a cow and grazed on the grass. She loves eating grass -- her "salad," as we call it.

I may have blogged this before -- I can't remember. It's probably my favorite headstone in the entire cemetery. I love the modern, minimal design and the idea that these two women are eternal companions. I assumed they were actual, biological sisters, but I recently noticed that some nuns are buried nearby, so now I wonder if they could be sisters in that regard.

Someone used a weed-eater, or "strimmer" as the British call it, around some headstones, covering everything with a layer of shredded grass. You may remember this figurine from my post a couple of weeks ago.

Otherwise I've been trying to arrange to have our old patio furniture and some other debris collected by the council's solid waste department, a process that is proving to be somewhat challenging. (Their collection schedulers are apparently working from home, and we've been trading e-mails back and forth.) They don't want to collect an old glass shower door or a long pipe that used to run up the side of the house for, they say, "health and safety reasons." Which leaves me asking, how are we supposed to get rid of them?

This is why people dump things in the woods.

A friend invited me to a group on Facebook called "What do you see from your window?" People all over the world are posting photos of what they're seeing during lockdown. Here's mine:

I had to show off the amaryllis, of course. It's had 187 "likes" so far!


  1. One "like" for the little hole in the sisters' gravestone. I wonder why the stone mason included that. Perhaps his* chisel slipped.

    *I doubt that there are many female stone masons so decided against my usual "his/her" solution. My apologies to any female stone masons who may be reading this comment and frothing with anger about my blatant sexism.

  2. Alexi is eating grass lately, though normally doesn't...someone said it is because the new grass in the spring is sweeter!

  3. Your flower and cemetery photos... ALL your photos are always so beautiful.

  4. Beautiful photos. I'm looking forward to flowers again, soon I hope.

    You definitely have a green thumb.

    Our beagle eats grass all the time. The long bits get stuck in her butt hole and need to be pulled out. The joys of having dogs:)

  5. Beautiful Window Composition But Olga Would Put You Over 200 Likes - Stay Strong Brother Man


  6. I sent in a picture too but as far as I know it hasn't been posted.
    Olga reminds me of an old song. Do you remember? "Grazing in the grass it's a gas/Can you dig it?"
    Such lovely photos.

  7. two windows, both lovely views. I like that headstone too and wonder what the story is behind it, the two sisters. actual blood sisters, nuns, or perhaps lovers?

  8. Wow! I really like the photo from your window. It's very colorful and busy.

  9. In regards to the two, "Sisters," buried together I offer you
    I believe I have the original release around here some place. Given the new forward I might buy it again. Lesbian Nuns breaking silence was a best seller, but few new what they were buying when they got it. I have only to say it is beautiful, deep and moving. Being a gay-X-Catholic it hit home with me.

  10. There are some beautiful headstones..from the days before what you could have was proscribed!
    Valuable history as well, many of them.

  11. Your new plant is beautiful, and I love the window view photos. I wonder why some dogs eat grass. That "Sisters" headstone is very interesting. Enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.

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  13. I like your view from the window. It's very English. That headstone is fascinating in so many ways.

  14. Your view is lovely! We like ours this time of year too (although as you know, I'm not there to enjoy it since I'm still working - and even though I constantly mention it & sound bitter, I am not. Really. Ha!).

  15. I love that headstone of the two sisters. So interesting and beautiful. The view out your window is lovely too.

  16. YP: I will not report you to the International Association of Female Stonemasons (IAFS). As you can imagine, they don't take lightly to these kinds of oversights.

    Frances: That makes sense! Olga likes it when it's damp from rain, too -- I guess she enjoys the water.

    Mitchell: Thanks! :)

    Lilycedar: LOL! Fortunately Olga seems capable of expelling hers all on her own.

    Padre: She wouldn't fit on the windowsill!

    Ms Moon: I love that song! The Friends of Distinction or something like that, I think? The Facebook group I posted to doesn't require someone else to put up the picture -- I did it myself.

    Ellen: I wondered that too! I suppose it's possible.

    Red: Thanks!

    TJ: Thanks for the tip! I remember when that book came out, it made quite a splash, but I've never read it. I should!

    GZ: Absolutely! Although in this case, who knows -- maybe they really WERE just sisters.

    Edna: I've heard they need the fiber, and I suppose it makes sense that they'd get some vitamins from it -- just like we need green vegetables.

    Luiz: I will check out your blog! Thanks for visiting.

    Sharon: It's such a different design.

    Bug: Hey, enjoy the fact that you CAN still work.

    Robin: Isn't it nice? Such a great design. Although I think they should have reversed the names -- Mary's name, being shorter, would fit better in the narrower space at the top!

  17. Beautiful flowers as always.
    If your council is uncooperative about some trash can you hire someone to do a dump run?
    It is so good to get tidied up and get those unwanted bits out.