Thursday, April 2, 2020

Parakeets and the Moon

The ring-necked parakeets were at our bird feeders several times yesterday, flashing bright green in the garden. At one point we saw about six of them, but of course the minute I got out my camera they swooped away like a Brazilian dream. They're very vocal and not shy about announcing their presence.

Speaking of Brazil, we haven't heard anything about our travel plans this summer. You may remember (or maybe I never told you) that we scheduled a trip to Brazil for late July. Rio de Janeiro has been on my bucket list for decades, and I thought I was finally going to get there. Now I doubt it's going to happen, but so far it hasn't been officially cancelled. I guess there's still time to see how things play out, but given the Trumpian rhetoric from the Brazilian president I'm not optimistic that coronavirus is going to be well controlled there.

Mrs. Kravitz is still working on planting all of her free plants. She hired a gardener to come in for a day and get some of them in the ground, but she still has about 100 to go. She put a tray of plectranthus, which she didn't really want, out at the street, and I took them and planted them in hanging baskets. They're not something I would have bought on my own but I didn't want to see them just go out with the trash. She also gave me a tray of violas which I put in another basket, and now it's like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon around here.

I don't know how I ever managed working full time. I have so many household projects to do. (Ask again in a couple of weeks and I may be singing a different song.)

One of our walls was damaged a few years ago when we had a plumbing leak in the hall closet. It bubbled and streaked our new (at the time) paint job. Fortunately we saved our extra paint so I hauled that out on Tuesday and repainted the wall. Now that's fixed. There's always something next on the list.

This was the moon a couple of nights ago. We had unusually clear skies and I was trying to shoot it through the bare trees, but I couldn't really get the exposures right so I settled for the moon on its own.

Last night I polished off the bottle of Chivas Regal that Mr. Slovakia gave me a month ago. When I told Dave he said, "You drank that already?" Well, if you have one cocktail using one shot almost every night it really doesn't take that long. Now I can go back to gin, my cocktail-hour drink of choice.

I've heard several people say they're drinking more these days. When we're all just sitting around the house it's a temptation, I suppose. I'm being careful not to up my intake overall!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I love the expression " they swooped away like a Brazilian dream" though I don't know what it means. I have made up a couple of similar expressions - "She loved me like a a wave in Tuvalu" and "They fought like Slovakian sailors". I might make up a few more.

P.S. Why didn't Mrs Kravitz hire you?

Frances said...

Back to the gin sounds good...if only I had some!! I have put wine on the shopping list for P this morning, but don't know if he will get it......saving me from myself!
He goes every morning on his walk to the local Garage/Tesco and gets a few " bits". It is keeping us going nicely and seems fairly safe as they only allow a few in the shop at a time. There will come a time when I have to stock up a bit at a bigger supermarket, but not yet! Glad that Mrs K gave you some of her many plants. What was she thinking? Did she leave any for other people?
Off out now for Alexi's walk. Hope to meet, at a distance, a pal or 2! Keep well you 2 ! x

Alphie Soup said...

Imagine that! Mrs Kravitz hired a hand to help with the planting out. Finding two mules and eighty acres in central London is probably not going to happen. lol.
As for Brazil's president, don't get me started.... I read the article, drug gangs are enforcing curfews. Well, they would, wouldn't they. Don't want their 'clients' dying, they'll lose money.
Like the moon photo. Did you take that with your big camera?

Moving with Mitchell said...

Such beautiful photos... again. I tend to only drink when I'm out, so I haven't had a drink in more than 2 weeks. I wonder if I'll go on a bender when this is all over. (No, I don't really wonder. But I WILL enjoy that first drink.)

Vivian Swift said...

" They swooped away like a Brazilian dream" means the birds evaporated into thin air same as your dream of going to Rio seems to be vanishing. It's a very pretty phrase, but is specific to your story and not transferable into any other context.

This is my 10th day of social isolation and I'm close-reading EVERYTHING. So I like Mr. Pudding's challenge, inspired by your example, to make a simile that is euphonious but, out of context, meaningless. I'm in. This is my kind of fun.

He smiled like a sunset on 42nd Street.

They danced like daggers drawn at close quarters.

She stared at me with an avalanche in her gaze.

(It's early in the day. I would be better at this at cocktail hour.)

The Bug said...

I agree that Brazil seems unlikely - but I hope by some miracle you get to go!

I wonder if I were having to stay at home if I would do all the homely tasks that I currently stare at balefully & just ignore. It would certainly keep me busy!

Ms. Moon said...

I am not being in the least productive and frankly, I don't care. I am living my life and doing my best to enjoy it. I hope that's not wrong. Today I HAVE to go kick bamboo or, well, it won't be pretty. There are plenty of things to do around here that must be done and plenty that I want to do. But like you said- check back with me in a few weeks.
That moon shot is glorious.

37paddington said...

I think you're someone who will always find a way to be occupied. It's a gift.

robin andrea said...

I have a feeling that the Brazil trip won't happen. Not sure when this pandemic is really going to lighten up. I'm glad that Mrs Kravitz has gotten a lot of her plants in the ground. I think you and Dave have inspired her.

The Padre said...

The Dude went to Brazil during the Summer Games a few years back and had a wonderful time - That was the time frame of the Zeka Virus - Worked Out Really Well As The Rest Of The World Turned Out And The Winey Complaining Americans Stayed Home -His Photos Were Amazing And So Much History There - Stunning Beaches And Extremely Friendly Locals In Need Of Tourist Dollars - Yes, Love The Moon Photo - Yes, Staying Clear The Booze These Days - Yes, I Am Please That There Is Life Still On Mrs K's Front Porch - Anyway, Another Enjoyable Post Brother Steve - Please Drop A Couple Of Extra Treats Around The Flat For Olga From Uncle T


Sharon said...

You did a great job on that moon shot. It's wonderful. So is the pretty parakeet. It must be fun to see them in the garden.
I do hope this crisis is over by July but I wouldn't be holding my breath. It seems frightening to think of what the future holds.

ellen abbott said...

excellent shot of the moon. so crisp and clear. I don't understand how people who are housebound can get bored. as you point out, the household task list is endless. I hope we can get back to business as usual by this summer but who knows. I'm thinking the world is on pause for at least a year so maybe next summer you can get your trip to Brazil.

Edna B said...

That's a beautiful shot of the moon. And I just love your parakeets. We don't have them in the wild here (Massachusetts. I used to think I'd go loony tunes in retirement with all that time on my hands, but I soon found out that I really don't have enough time most of the time. It's good to be busy. It sounds like your place is really beautiful with all those flowers. Stay safe and have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

jenny_o said...

If plectranthus is the same thing we had at our former home, it is a beast to get rid of if you plant it in the ground rather than a basket, so I was relieved to hear that yours is contained! We never did get all of ours pulled up before we moved.

Those parakeets must be hardy.

Catalyst said...

I think we all would appreciate a photo of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon at your home.

Penelope said...

Do I detect a bit of tone in Dave's remark? Lol

Steve Reed said...

YP: You know how dreams swoop away when you awaken, right? And if they have parrots in them, they're Brazilian. Voila! I like your phrases. They work for me! I wouldn't work for Mrs. K for ANYTHING.

Frances: I try not to shop EVERY day, but I do need to go every two or three, it seems. Mrs. K wasn't thinking of other people at all, I guarantee you that.

Alphie: In the absence of law enforcement it's ironic that the criminals start enforcing order. Yes, the moon shot was with my Canon, using a zoom lens and then cropping the picture further in processing.

Mitchell: I probably SHOULD drink only when I'm out -- but I am in the habit of a single evening cocktail and then a glass of wine with dinner.

Vivian: Maybe I'm a very forgiving reader, but all of your similes work for me. (Except maybe the sunset on 42nd Street, because WHY 42nd Street?!) I think the Brazilian dream works even without the context of my trip -- Brazilian because of the birds and dreams swooping away because that's what dreams do. But as I said, maybe I'm forgiving, even of my own bad writing. LOL

Bug: When you think about it, this period of enforced isolation is actually a gift -- a great chance to catch up with all that stuff!

Ms Moon: You always say you're not productive but then you list about 20 things you've done, like kick bamboo and make soup and sew a dress. You're VERY productive! I think you just don't see your own productivity. (And I don't mean to imply, for the record, that everyone must be productive. There's nothing wrong with taking it easy too!)

37P: Growing up in a fairly isolated neighborhood helped me and my brother develop talents for amusing ourselves.

Robin: I would be very surprised if it does, but I guess we have to wait and see what the tour company says.

Padre: Glad to hear The Dude enjoyed himself there. I imagine during the Olympics it was really a scene!

Sharon: It always surprises me to see those birds in the garden. They seem so unlikely here.

Ellen: Yeah, hopefully if (when) they cancel our trip they'll give us the option to re-book in a year or so.

Edna: I know! I'm never completely out of things to do.

Jenny-O: Hmmmmm. I hadn't heard that about plectranthus. In fact I don't think it's cold-hardy, at least the variety we have. So I doubt it would be the same as whatever you had in your yard. But in any case, it's contained! It's supposed to be a trailing plant good for baskets and as a ground cover.

Catalyst: I'll see what I can do!

Penelope: Ha! YES.