Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stuff everywhere!

The moving truck arrived today, bearing our mattress, our dining room table, and about 28 boxes of miscellaneous stuff. Chaos! Above is how things looked shortly after the movers left -- virtually the only items I'd unwrapped by the time I took this photo were the big artworks. (I wanted to make sure they all arrived -- and they did.)

So far, I've discovered nothing broken or missing. It seems like everything is in good shape. Amazing!

The single biggest problem we've encountered is that the dining table won't fit through the doorway from the foyer into the living room. The movers tried every combination of positions, and we even took the door off the hinges. (Who needs a door there anyway?) But the table, for now, remains in the foyer. I'm waiting for Dave to get home to see if the two of us can figure something out.

Otherwise, though, things look good! Here's the living room, post-unpacking (click to enlarge):

And here are some of our books and tchotchkes, on the built-in shelves in the living room:

Dave, whose first day of work was today, has yet to get home and tackle the kitchen. He really needs to decide where things should go in that space, since it's his domain. I've unpacked all the dishes, but I'm leaving the pots and pans and baking stuff up to him:

It's beginning to seem like home around here! Now all we need are our four-legged "children"!


Linda Sue said...

Extraordinarily gorgeous tasteful abode. Welcome home! If the table will not fit you may send it to me...You're welcome...

37paddington said...

how beautifully done! your living room looks so inviting and i love the way the leaf fabric of the chairs pick up the leaves in the hair of the girl in the artwork. lovely light, very soothing room. good luck with the dining table!

e said...

You have a beautiful home, like always...Good luck with the table!

Kerry said...

Your place looks super. Great kitchen! Are you sure that the legs don't come off the table?

Betty said...

Got your priorities right. Artwork sorted first! :)