Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The other night I watched a BBC show about the history of ceramic arts in England. It discussed various potters and their work in different styles, going back hundreds of years. (I'm into this because I've done some wheel-throwing myself, though I was never very good at it!) The show, part of an ongoing series called "Handmade in Britain," featured remarkable pieces from the Victoria & Albert Museum.

So yesterday I went to the V&A to see them. I spent about two hours in the ceramics galleries, browsing shelves and shelves of plates, bowls, figurines, vases and other vessels from all over the world. I did find the pieces mentioned in the show -- though I had a terrible time finding John Dwight's figures of his young daughter in death and in resurrection, because they're located in a different part of the museum.

I also had a great time just browsing the galleries, which contain some really incredible stuff. One of my favorite pieces was Harry Parr's "Boy on a Toad." How bizarre is that?!

(Photo: I walked across Kensington Gardens to get to the museum. The day was bright and chilly, and jets were leaving some incredible, graceful trails in the sky.)


Barbara said...

Amazing ceramic pieces. I especially like the boy on the toad. Is the V & A free? The Brits all love their museums, don't they? I never failed to see school classes visiting when I was in England.

Looks like you are having some lovely fall weather, putting off the typical London drizzle until winter perhaps.

The Bug said...

Regarding the boy & toad: all righty then! It really is cute, but makes me go hmmm...