Saturday, October 22, 2011


The school where Dave works is hosting a student jazz festival this weekend, and I've agreed to photograph the students as they rehearse and perform. The organizers want the photos for their Web site. Unfortunately they're not paying me, but in a way that's good -- I'm not an event photographer and I can't guarantee the quality of my work, so this way there's no pressure! Assuming the pictures do turn out, they might help win points for Dave, which pays me indirectly. So I'm going to head over there later this afternoon with my camera.

Meanwhile, I've discovered a rerun of "Fat Albert" on television -- remember that cartoon, hosted in the '70s by Bill Cosby? I haven't seen it since then, so I'm watching just for nostalgia's sake. "Hey hey hey!"

I've also got lots of reading to do, and I have to be around to take Ruby out every few hours because she's on a prescription diuretic. I love her expression in the photo above -- like, "Why are you interrupting my nap with that stupid camera?" (That's what we call her "tired eyes" look.)


Barbara said...

I loved the way the dogs seem to really appreciate each other. I'm assuming they take turns being pillows.

I'm sure your photos will be stunning! One of these free gigs could be your entree into your next career, who knows?

Gary said...

I have been following your journey with Ruby and glad that she is still bringing you joy. Barbara makes a good point. You never know where a good deed may lead...