Sunday, October 30, 2011

Occupy 2

Despite my ambivalence, I went down to the Occupy campsite in front of St. Paul's Cathedral yesterday afternoon, just to check out the scene. I took some photos, as you can see, and more are on Flickr here.

While I was there, a housekeeping meeting of sorts seemed to be taking place. Organizers were talking about upcoming workshops and planning issues, and speaking in support of the former chancellor of the cathedral, Giles Fraser. Fraser backed the protesters occupying the churchyard and resigned last week when others at St. Paul's began considering ways to retake control of the yard and cathedral steps. (The protests closed the cathedral for several days, causing considerable financial losses.)

In any case, things were pretty peaceful when I was there. It was cool to check out the campsite and applaud the speakers, and there were lots of interesting and thought-provoking posters and leaflets throughout the site. The Hare Krishnas were even serving vegetarian food!

Some Facebook friends referred me to this interesting blog post about ways to support the Occupy movement "without sleeping in a park." I like to think I'm doing my part by spreading the word and these images, at the very least.


Reya Mellicker said...

You are definitely doing your part. I have no need to camp out downtown. I resist the activist propaganda, that the only way to support an action is to be out on the streets.

Barbara said...

About the only thing these people can hope to accomplish is raising awareness of the sorry state of things. It's much easier just to read the front page of most any newspaper. I wish them luck, but can't imagine living in a tent to make a point.

The Bug said...

Cincinnati has an Occupy movement, but I live in a little Republican enclave an hour north of the city. It would be lonely vigil at our courthouse!

I'm glad you checked it out - love the pictures!