Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Graffiti

I went for a walk yesterday afternoon and found a crop of new graffiti at Trellick Tower, including this Christmas-themed piece. Santa, toasted on some kind of pills, asks for the "Jack and Gills." (Jack Daniels and Gilbey's, I'm guessing?) Tipsy Rudolph responds that he's "just done the lot."

Ah, nothing like a little substance abuse for the holidays.

This is the same area where I found the Halloween graffiti several weeks ago. (It was still there, too.)


  1. I guess the snowman is just an observer. Do you get the feeling the authorities turn a blind eye to graffiti artists? I always wish they could get paid for work that is as good as this!

  2. Love the sinister snow man! Santa and reindeer not so much.

  3. That snowman rocks! Christmas yer?

  4. That should be "yet." Sorry about the typo.