Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More iPhotos

I don't have much to report today, so here are a few more photos taken with my iPhone and filtered through Instagram. Enjoy!

These wreaths of artificial poppies were laid at a war memorial in Kensington.

And here is a photo of Ernie's paws, spun into a vortex of bad canine pedicure using Tiny Planet Photos:

Kind of creepy, isn't it?! We're always joking about Ernie's long toes. He has the longest toes of any dog in the world, I'd wager.


  1. That last one is a little creepy.

    The iphone isn't really a camera. It does capture images, but everyone has figured out those images are meant to be played with.

    Even without altering them, the images from an iphone are so oversaturated, and the field is so wide, they look surreal.

  2. clap clap clap- thank you for the iphone show! enjoyed, indeed except the last one which looks like caramel and bacon on a biscuit.