Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back Online!

We're back on the Interwebs again, thank goodness. Whatever was causing our outage seems to have somehow corrected itself. We're still not sure what happened. After I came home from web surfing at Starbucks yesterday, I called our Internet provider to find out what progress they'd made on our case. They simply said our account showed up in their system as "active" and asked me to reconnect our old router. Sure enough, it worked like a charm.

So today I'm returning the new router, an expense which happily we don't need to absorb after all.

Of course, our service could vanish again just as easily as it returned, I suppose. But I choose to believe this was a one-time fluke somewhere in the vast telecommunications network beyond the confines of our flat. Hopefully the fickle finger of technological fate won't land on us again.

After we got back online, Dave and I caught up with the latest Rachel Maddow show and watched "W," Oliver Stone's movie about George W. Bush, on Netflix. When we chose it I thought I hadn't seen it, but after it started I decided I had seen it and just forgot. Or maybe I blocked it out. Which is a reasonable response to George W. Bush, it seems to me.

Then we started to watch "A Clockwork Orange," but it was so unpleasant within the first 15 minutes that Dave asked me to turn it off. I'll finish it today. I have a stronger stomach than Dave for violence in films, as long as it has a message or purpose.

Ah, back online at last! I can breathe again!

(Photo: The maples outside our bathroom windows are turning orange for fall. The miniature tree on the windowsill is my straw baobab from Madagascar, last seen here in a post about my New York apartment in February 2008.)


  1. Ah the fickle finger of technological fate! I'm so scared of that finger.

    Glad to have you back. xx

  2. I'm glad you're back! Love the little straw tree...

    Mike is more sensitive than I am, although he can tolerate violence very well if he's in the right mood. The problem is that he has bad dreams later whereas I mostly dream about having to go to the bathroom no matter how gruesome the movie was. I do like it to have a plot thought - & I really prefer the good guys to win.

  3. YAY! Welcome back- Clicked on over to your little APT in NY- what a sweet place! As i was driving through the mountains yesterday I thought "this is as it should be- I am going to unplug when I get home" you can see I was not successful! Watched a PBS program about Obama and Romney- watched Rachel, got fired up...again. Anyway, glad you are back. And , like Reya, That finger scares me too- it has so much control!It is usually the finger sandwiched in between the index and ring.

  4. Yeah -- A Clockwork Orange -- I'm with Dave. That movie traumatized me.

  5. Welcome back to the web!

    Love the pic.

  6. I did not care for it either. Saw it in the theater when it came out and it was painful to me. I was never so glad for a movie to be over.. Really did not like it.

    Don't like that finale finger of technological fate either.