Monday, October 29, 2012

I Stand Corrected

Dave was 100 percent right about our caterpillar -- it is pupating. Yesterday morning it suddenly changed shape, becoming a strange, immobile horned monster. It's amazing how fast it happened.

The day before yesterday I came home from my outing to the Tate to find the caterpillar gone. I searched everywhere around the kitchen windowsill and eventually found him up on the wall. I put him back on the horseradish plant, thinking I was helping him out. Well, it turns out that when they're about to pupate they leave their food plants and search for a vertical surface. He knew exactly what he was doing!

Now, because I was so helpful, he's attached to that amaryllis, which is in the process of dying back for the season. When that leaf turns yellow, my plan is to attach it to the wall.

I need a pet, I swear.

Dave and I went to see "Skyfall" yesterday, the newest James Bond movie. We really liked it -- the special effects were great (it certainly fulfilled Dave's explosion requirements) and the story, if a bit glib, was enjoyable. Don't examine the plot too closely, because deep down it doesn't make a whole lot of sense -- but aren't all Bond movies like that? Besides, Daniel Craig is hot.

My crankiness subsided yesterday, fortunately. I walked over to one of our local graffiti spots and did some photography, did my weekly reports for work and did some cleaning here at home. I also picked up a few fun odds & ends at the Portobello Road flea market, including a third cat in the Indonesian style of Wabi & Sabi. This one is a tiger with strangely red lips and a dingy-looking pink ribbon around its neck. We think it looks like a tiger doing drag.

(Photo: New Cross, last Wednesday.)


  1. Where is Pickles? You do indeed need a pet!

    Yes, Daniel Craig is hot. I'm thinking a James Bond movie might be perfect today as I hunker down.

  2. I just bought the newest Vanity Fair magazine because Daniel Craig is on the cover.

    And I can't wait to see that caterpillar as he pupates, or whatever you call it.