Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pictorial Guide to Recent Posts

Here's our pupating caterpillar. Isn't it amazing? And literally, it happened so fast. One moment, an immobile, apparently dead caterpillar -- and the next, a strange, horned little pod housing a nascent butterfly.

I don't think I've ever watched the process of metamorphosis close-up. I don't know how I missed it in grade school. In any event, the next few months should be interesting! (Well, actually, probably fairly boring, until the big reveal.)

Here are Wabi and Sabi with our new acquisition -- whom we've named Bobby.

Doesn't Bobby look like a tired tiger drag queen -- maybe a little wired on caffeine and/or Botox?

This was my other flea market purchase on Sunday. Remember our onion pot? Here's a matching container, ostensibly for celery. But who keeps celery in a vase?

In a more serious vein, I'm reading the news this morning about Sandy. I must admit I was doubtful in the run-up to the storm whether it would be as serious as predicted, but it looks like it met expectations and more. Stay safe, everybody!


  1. I think a celery vase is a great idea. Cut the bottoms off your celery, wash it, and put it in there with some water in the refrigerator and your celery will stay crisp for a long, long time.
    Bobby looks like he may have partied a bit too long last night.
    And how DO we miss things like your pupating caterpillar? Obviously they do this all around us our entire lives and yet...we don't see them, mostly.
    What else do we miss? That's what I want to know.

  2. Safe here in NJ but no power. Using the iPad to access the 3G network. The wind last night was the worst I have ever seen here. Part of our driveway is blocked by fallen trees.

    I can't wait to see what comes of your pupation!

  3. I've had fun catching up with your last four posts (what happened over the weekend, that's what I want to know!)

    I agree about Bobby - definitely a drag queen :) And yes, you do need a pet. You already have a name picked out!

  4. Is that a little mouse hole on the floor by Bobby? Pupation...sounds like a unattractive bodily function if you don't know what it really is. It is a strange word.Very cool that it is happening right there in your house!No little caterpillar imparting quiet wisdom, measuring the length of the stalk, Wonder if there are any thoughts going on inside that little horned tent.