Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scary Sandy

Dave and I agree that we're seeing more Halloween decorations in London this year. I don't know whether that's because there are more, or we're just looking more closely. Last year we were under the impression that Halloween isn't much of a thing in England, where it's overshadowed by Bonfire Night. But we've heard that it's growing in popularity.

We did not carve a pumpkin. In fact, I haven't carved a pumpkin in years and years.

Of course, our Halloween here is nothing compared to what's going on in New York City and environs. Now that is some scary stuff. As a longtime New Yorker, it's hard enough to read about it -- the flooding in the East Village and Battery Park, the huge fire in Breezy Point that destroyed dozens of houses, the inundated tunnels and transit systems. I can't imagine living it. Incredible, surreal, and far beyond what I expected Sandy to deliver.

I haven't seen anyone directly address the question of climate change, but isn't this just like those apocalyptic scenes we've been told to expect from rising oceans and more intense storm systems? Wasn't Katrina the same way? It certainly makes you wonder.


  1. I didn't carve a pumpkin this year either and I kinda wish I had.

  2. I'm glad you aren't in NYC this year. I thought about you of course, every time I saw another report of the devastation.

  3. It was an enormous storm, about 1000' diameter. I thought Ike was an enormous storm as it totally filled the gulf but it was only about half that size. I don't think Sandy was even at hurricane status when it made landfall. Ike came right across us and took down so many trees in the neighborhood. Coastal living may become untenable.

  4. It really is very scary. And here's another movie reference for you - The Day After Tomorrow with Dennis Quaid & a young Jake Gyllenhaal. It's a disaster movie about a submerged & then frozen NYC. Ooh - now I want to watch it again!

  5. Ms Moon: Well, it's messy, and kind of pointless, really. But you have grandkids so that might make it worthwhile!

    Reya: I'm glad I wasn't there, but oddly, in some ways, I felt like I SHOULD be there.

    Ellen: You're right -- living on the ocean may start to seem a lot less appealing!

    Bug: I saw that one in the theater! Loved it! Kind of silly but very fun.