Sunday, January 13, 2013

Evolution of a Shopfront

I took this photo of a shop near Golborne Road last October. I loved all the fallen leaves and the lonely bamboo plant.

When I walked past several weeks later, in mid-December, I found a painter sprucing up the place. It seemed like they were having trouble settling on a color.

This is what the shop looked like last Monday. I'm sorry they ditched the bright pink; I think I prefer it to the wine red. But at least they've kept the bamboo!

It looks like it's still in progress; we'll check back later to see where it ends.


Lynne said...

Interesting! I actually liked the two pinkish colors together which added a bit of quirkiness to the shop front. Looks like it's a clothing store, so I guess it depends on whether or not they sell quirky clothes or serious clothes. The wine color says "serious" to me. I would have voted for two-tone-pink!

Ms. Moon said...

The bamboo plant just charms my heart. Amazing what some paint can do, isn't it?

ellen abbott said...

I know the blue is the tape but I liked the accent of it. they should have outlined the windows in blue.

Reya Mellicker said...

The bright pink was off putting. I like the new color. And as always I love the time lapse pics you sometimes like to post.

utahDOG! said...

The pink is tinted primer, necessary to paint the final dark wine color over the previous lighter white-grey. I think they knew they wanted the wine color all along.