Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snow Day

Yesterday we had snow -- real snow, not just flurries or a dusting. It was about an inch, I'd say, and that was enough to throw London into chaos. School was cancelled early, and our neighbors decided not to come up to the city and their weekend pied-a-terre from their suburban Surrey home.

Olga and I walked in it yesterday morning, and she didn't seem fazed at all. She shook off the loose flakes every once in a while but didn't hesitate to bury her nose in it, and showed no discomfort from frozen paws. Dogs' paws are pretty durable. We stayed in the neighborhood and didn't venture very far.

I brought in one of our plants, our plumbago, but the rest I just left on the balcony to contend with whatever comes. Frankly it would be in everyone's best interest if the cold polished off that scraggly lavender bush on the right -- or at least killed it back to the ground. I'm not sure that will happen, though. Lavender, like dogs' paws, is durable.

And heather is from England, so I figured it could weather the storm without any intervention from me!

We have a quiet weekend planned. I believe more snow may be involved. I hope to get out and do some walking and some photography on my own, sans dog, now that Dave is home to mind her.


Wayne said...

We're a bit hardier up here in the frozen north, not much was closed at all (though we did get to leave work early due to a blizzard). Growing up in Sweden, I do still find it funny how a slight dusting of snow can throw Britain into turmoil.

I am, however, enjoying those colourful houses in the photo you posted!

Lynne said...

Join the snow club! Love the row of cheery houses! Stay warm!

The Bug said...

Ooh I LOVE the picture of the heather with snow!