Saturday, January 12, 2013


This was our apartment building a few days ago, at an atypically sunny moment. We've had mostly cloudy, chilly weather this week, and we're about to dip down into the 20s. Apparently we're even expected to get some snow this weekend.

I slept until almost 8:30 this morning, which is ridiculously late for me. (The British call sleeping late "having a lie-in.") I think my internal clock is still adjusting after flying back from the states. I've had a busy work week, too, plus my long urban hike on Thursday. Whew!

I don't have much else to say, without devolving into a diatribe about gun control or global warming or any of the other issues that are percolating in my mind at the moment. Frankly, I'd rather not go there. Have a happy weekend, everybody!


  1. I had a lie-in this morning too! I slept 'til almost nine. Unheard of! I am resting today.
    I swear.

  2. I hear that. all my husband wants to watch on TV is political shows and then he goes nuts over the idiots. Me? I prefer not to expose myself to the madness.

  3. Awesome photo! The composition is so perfect! And I wrote a long rant about gun control yesterday and then erased it. The threats being made from the gun nuts are mind boggling to me. But I'm trying to add to the peace with my restraint.

  4. That photo is glorious in ever possible way! The shadow- the stride The contrasts, GREAT!!! LOVE it! Yes, I hate to sully my blog with important issues and rants- Facebook is a great outlet for that- I have only been unfriended by three people - they needed to deport themselves- republicans...
    This is a bright morning here which means a temperature drop to below 20. It is beautiful! You two should come for a visit today!

  5. Love the tree's HUGE shadow! Great photo! In the same genre as a lie-in there is also taking a kip (nap). Remind me to tell you a funny story regarding how kip became a whole 'nother thing in Dutch! ;)

  6. Perfect shot. Love it! I too, had a lie-in yesterday morning. Woke at 10.10 and spent what was left of the morning feeling all muzzy-headed. That was almost too much sleep!