Saturday, January 5, 2013

Flea Market

Join me for a time-honored Bradenton tradition -- the Red Barn Flea Market! I went yesterday with Dave's mom, sister, niece and nephew. Here are some of the more noteworthy objects we found.

When I first saw this "weed towel," I thought it depicted garden weeds. Then I thought, "What is a Dutch Treat? What's a Honolulu Rose?" Once again I am reminded how square I am.

Peace, brother! Victory is ours!

This remarkably delicate, subtle pendant (note: sarcasm) was about four inches long. Only $18!

We saw lots of bags, some very...colorful.

Big box o' urban pheromones from the perfume shop!

I didn't buy anything at the ol' Red Barn this time around, but everyone else found something they had to have.


  1. Looks like a fun place to browse! But what I want to know is what name falls between Garcia and Gary that someone bought? LOVE that license plate wall of names!

  2. Can't believe you didn't buy the bug.

  3. You already got your praise at the resale shop.

  4. Lynne I am thinking it may have been Garry on the missing name plate. I also noted that they didn't have my name there. What does one do with such a name plate? (other than put it on a car to carry out an illegal activity)

  5. Lynne: Garry, as Jennie said, is a good guess! Dave's mom actually gets credit for suggesting that photo, and I love it too!

    Ms Moon: I think one tacky object per trip is probably enough.

    Ellen: LOL! Too much, huh?

    Jennie: I bet you're right re. Garry. I guess they're nameplates for kids' rooms or bicycles or something. (They were smaller than standard car plates.)