Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dog With A Rash

Oh, Lord. I am so glad it's Saturday. What a week! Pretty intense work-wise, and then last night we attended an annual cocktail event for the school -- a very posh affair in a very posh hall, with wine and nibblies. Which was fun, but kind of odd since we'd just spent the entire week with virtually the same people at work. Our little insular community.

Dave and I have plans to do nothing special today. I'm going to walk the dog, and that's about all that's on my list.

Speaking of the dog, Olga has come down with an odd rash on her belly. We were going to take her to the vet, but last night I happened to mention it to a coworker who has the same breed of dog, and she said hers gets a similar rash. They just apply diaper rash cream, and it goes away. Voila! With that advice, hopefully, she saved us £100 in vet bills -- which makes going to last night's event definitely worthwhile!

(Photo: King's Road, Chelsea, last week.)


Reya Mellicker said...

I love the term nibblies.

I hope your day is eventless!

Ms. Moon said...

I, too, love the"nibblies."
Have a sweet day, Dave.

herding tapeworms said...

our dogs gets the occasional belly rash too. a baking soda bath and/or benadryl might be good backup plans if the diaper rash cream doesn't work. you can check the internets for dosage on the benadryl. lots of info about it.

Ana Balka said...

I'm enjoying all the posts on the sausage-cooking, and so on! Ah, a missed ASL fancy reception. I saw some photos on FB and was thinking of you all last night. Hey I am right there with you when it comes to husbands who are incredible chefs who have meatier tastes than you. One doesn't want to be ungrateful, and I'm certainly not! But I also don't want to be FAT. That can be a test of willpower when one is married to a guy who looks at you with eyes like black holes when you suggest, on a road trip, that maybe we could look for somewhere vegetarianish for lunch, rather than the next greasy diner listed in his "Best Greasy Diners of America" book.