Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lots of Links

Just a short post today, because I'm off to join the line to try to get into Trellick Tower. This weekend is Open House London, when many normally private buildings open their doors to the public to show off their architecture. Apparently Trellick Tower (which I once wrongly called London's ugliest building) is a popular destination, so I'm not sure I'll get in, but I'm going to try.

My backup plan is Battersea Power Station, where the queues are expected to be up to five hours long! Sheesh.

Olga and I found these tiny keys on our walk this morning. They look like they're meant to open a music box, or a jewelry box, or maybe a diary. I wish I hadn't already mailed my beads to Linda Sue, or I'd have thrown these in too -- now I'll probably hang them up in the bathroom next to Sally's tassel.

(Top photo: A shopper pauses to check out the graffiti at Latimer Road, yesterday.)


  1. Good luck with the long lines! Those keys are darling. What a sweet find.

  2. You know, Steve, I think you and Olga are kindred spirits. You both love found treasure. And I'm curious about what changed your mind about the beauty or lack thereof of the Trellick Tower? Maybe it's in the link? I'll go back and click it...

  3. Ooo Battersea would be amazing. Interesting bits on the Trellick Tower there Steve.

  4. The towers ARE the ugliest! OH those little keys are scrumptuously cool. When you get tired of them hanging around I will come over and pick them you a trip, I'm thoughtful like that...I am felting foundlings, including little charms or talismans As was done back in the day when they were left at the doorstep of the church or hospital or orphanage. Usually the mother was so poor she could not leave much- maybe a button and the little treasures were not left with the child- they were taken! So sad all the way around.
    Anxious to see photos of your "house" adventure - what is the draw to the icky towers anyway???

  5. I can't wait to hear of your long line waiting and what you saw!

  6. Ms Moon: Aren't they great? They're only about half an inch long!

    Angella: We do love our finds, though Olga prefers the edible ones. :) As for Trellick Tower, familiarity bred affection -- I see it from our bedroom windows every day and I've come to love its quirky design, Communistic though it may be.

    Ana: Yeah, I didn't make it to Battersea. From what I hear, the lines were hellish.

    Linda Sue: See my comment to Angella above re. the tower. It IS kind of ugly, but it's so unusual I've come to love it, and architecturally it is a very significant building in London. I may be persuaded to surrender these keys at some point...

    Elizabeth: See next post! :)