Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Curiosities

I've taken my camera to work twice since I started this job in August, and both days it's rained. But even though my photography options were somewhat limited yesterday, I went walking on my lunch hour and found this great street sign leaning against a hedge next to a trash bin. Surely it isn't trash?

If I were younger and less cautious and I had a car, I would purloin it and hang it on the wall of my living room.

This was our wine the other night. As a stamp collector I appreciated that great label! It's based on a real stamp, from 1898 -- one that, alas, I do not have in my collection.

This morning, as I was walking Olga, I found an open, wrinkled bit of plastic wrap bearing a £4.50 price tag and containing these beads (along with various bits of paper, lint and other detritus). They look like the remains of a beading project of some kind. I plan to mail them to an artsy friend. The streets are paved with jewels here in London, I tell you!


Ms. Moon said...

Nice shots, Steve! Love the beads, love the beautiful label, and Thanks for visiting Westminster!

The Bug said...

Does London have a zip car system? Because I think you NEED the sign :)

Linda Sue said...

You hit the jack pot- I would go back and get the sign , in the dead of night...Olga is a great finder! She could teach Dexter a thing or two about quality finds!

Ana Balka said...

TAKE THE SIGN (though it may be too late now)

ellen abbott said...

how did I miss this post? You find so many cool things on your walks.