Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Waning Summer Days

A few lingering signs of summer along the Grand Union Canal -- tall sunflowers nodding their heavy heads, and a bumper crop of tomatoes growing on top of a houseboat.

That's pretty smart, growing the tomatoes right in the bags of soil. Who needs a pot? I'm surprised there's enough root space in there, but they seem happy.

We are definitely moving into fall. I wore a jacket this morning (55ยบ F) when I walked Olga, who did not want to get out of her warm bed at 5:30 a.m. It's basically unheard of for the dog to want to stay in bed! Maybe we're all slipping into hibernation mode.


Elizabeth said...

Gosh, I love that someone would grow their tomatoes like that. So cool --

Yael said...

Looks like they got some parsley in there, as well.

Ms. Moon said...

I've heard of growing vegetables like that but never seen it. Amazing!
Enjoy your cooler temperatures. Things are slowly shifting, even here, towards fall.

Reya Mellicker said...

The tomatoes do look happy! That person must have a green thumb. It wouldn't work for me.

Here comes fall! It's going to be close to 100 F. today but will cool off considerably this weekend. The days are so much shorter than even a few weeks ago. In spite of the heat, a few leaves are changing.

I love fall. Bring it on!

The Bug said...

I know *I'm* ready to hibernate :)

Sharon said...

I have never seen anything quite like that tomato garden. But, as you say the plants look like they are thriving.

ellen abbott said...

too soon, too soon! still hot here but the mornings and evenings have become very pleasant. love that first picture. and clever way to grow tomatoes. they would grow much bigger in the ground but they seem to be big enough to do the job for the houseboat.

Vivian said...

tomatoes love to be root bound, they product more fruit if they are.

Steve Reed said...

Elizabeth: Isn't that great? And on a BOAT, no less!

Yael: Yes! I didn't even see that at first glance.

Ms Moon: It was entirely new to me but it IS a great idea. Enjoy your slow shift!

Reya: How do you know it wouldn't work for you?! 100 degrees, Ugh.

Bug: Ha! I'm not quite ready but I'm getting there.

Sharon: They produced more tomatoes than the plants we had in pots on our balcony last year!

Ellen: They do seem happy, don't they?!

Vivian: Really? I never knew that. In fact I always thought our tomatoes last year suffered because they didn't have enough root space. Must have just been that we're lousy gardeners. :)

Peter Bryenton said...

Finding little splashes of colour is the thing to do, and you're doing it.