Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Alfa Romeo

As an antidote to yesterday's Debbie Downer of a post, how about a sunshine-yellow Alfa Romeo? This car was parked in my neighborhood on Saturday, and even though I'm not really a car person, it definitely caught my eye. In fact it inspired me to come home and watch "The Graduate" that afternoon. (Benjamin Braddock -- Dustin Hoffman's character -- drives a sporty red Alfa Romeo in the movie.)

It represents all the consumerism and unsustainable living I just railed against, I know. It's also a pretty color.

I'm battling a bit of a cold. Lots of people at work have been sick, and I fought a spacey feeling all day yesterday, and a tickle in my throat. My coworker told me I'm probably just exhausted. That's entirely possible, too.

A couple of days ago I mentioned the mystery of Bitcoins -- why they're worth anything at all, given that they're essentially invented currency. My friend Kevin responded by sending me this interesting NPR show about money, and how it's all invented. I mean, I know paper money is purely symbolic, and even gold isn't intrinsically valuable -- we've all merely agreed that it has value. It turns out that's the key to all money -- a simple consensus that it's worth something. So the question is, why do Bitcoins merit that consensus, given that they're not backed by any government or authority? I see more value in a sunshine yellow Alfa Romeo, and given that I'm not a car person, that's saying something.


  1. I think money is a little like religion- you gotta believe in it or it doesn't work.
    Except...well. You know.

  2. That is one 'happy' color...much needed today! Catching up on your posts and enjoying each one...even the 'downer' one. I agree with you and make an effort not to think about our future which is one of the major causes of this predicament we are now in.

  3. When I was about 16, I had a huge crush on a college student who was rooming across the street from where I lived. He drove a red Alfa Romeo. I'm sure he knew I was watching him out my window when he'd wash that car. I wonder where he is now.

  4. "What if the hokey pokey is really what it is all about"...kind of the way I think of a lot of things nowadays...

  5. If a cute little yellow car can make someone happy then why not...especially this late in the game. I have never been much of a car person, just need something that is not full of mold and gets me to places I want to be, but I will say, this little yellow car would make me pretty happy , at least until it required maintenance, expensive to work on and I would rather buy groceries. Your "downer" post was right on target! It is a very very real demise of this world as we have known it. Becoming more and more obvious, startling! In the late 60's we were told that it was too late to reverse the damage of humans on the system, denial, disbelief, carry on...well, here we are, experts reckon another fifty years.WHAT? that is less than a blink- Most of us will be too old or already gone to be severely effected but, damn! Our kids are going to have a rough go. It is no longer conjecture.WOW! just wow.

  6. coo-coo-cha-choo!


    Mrs. Robinson

  7. I'm glad you realize how privileged you were to spot this car. A real classic. Bellissimo.