Friday, March 7, 2014

Cat in the Sunshine

An old friend is coming to visit this weekend -- a woman I met in the Peace Corps who I have not seen, I suddenly realized last night, in 20 years. (How is that even possible?!) Many of my Peace Corps friends I've managed to see in the years since, but not Colleen. So this will be a real trip down memory lane!

She's been to London before, thank goodness, so I don't think I'll have to confront the possibility of going to the London Eye or the Tower of London again.

She's going to stay with us for two nights, so I've been washing the guest room sheets -- Olga loves to frolic on the guest bed -- and trying to neaten the place up, on top of my crazy two-job schedule. I must say I kind of like this two-job thing, though. It keeps me busy, but I function well under a bit of pressure.

I've also maintained my habit of walking to work, which has been both a good form of exercise and a money-saver. I wish I'd started it earlier last fall. Every week I'm saving £28 (or $47) on tube transport. I'm wearing out my shoes, I suppose, and possibly my hips, but that's a pretty slow process -- if that's the only downside I think I'm still coming out ahead!

Last night Dave made Aunt Jemima pancakes for dinner -- complete with eggs, bacon and genuine faux maple syrup. We found a grocery store that carries Aunt Jemima products, so we could finally make some American-style pancakes. Woo hoo! (In England, "pancakes" often connote a more crepe-like food, served with jam. To me, that is just not a pancake.)

Really, is there anything better than breakfast-for-dinner?

(Photo: A cat enjoying the spring-like sunshine on my walk to work Wednesday.)


  1. It seems to me as if all of Blogworld is making breakfast for dinner these days.
    Enjoy Colleen!

  2. I love breakfast for dinner. The only thing I like better is pie for dinner. A recent study says that walking stimulates the brain. Maybe that's why you are into this two job thing.

  3. oh how i love pancakes...anytime of the day is good!
    have a great weekend!

  4. Breakfast for dinner is GREAT.

    I think it might have been hard to walk to work when you were having all that rain earlier in the winter. It doesn't sound fun. But that is a lot of money.

    New shoes - always a great thing.

  5. two jobs? did i miss something?

    i admire your lack of anxiety about seeing someone you haven't seen in 20 years.

    well, i admire you, period.

  6. Sun?? Is that that big bright thing in the sky that I haven't seen in so long I can't remember what it looks like? Glad the you and the cat are enjoying some after all your rain.

  7. When I first started working way way back in 1970 I had a job at a bank in town and walked to and from work and also walked home for lunch. Oh I long for those days...what a money saver that would be. I was in great shape then but then again, I was only 18! Today kids would not think of walking so much. Breakfast for lunch and dinner or anytime...excellent!