Saturday, March 22, 2014

Poor, Poor Pigeons

Blogger has been playing a weird trick on my usual browser of choice, Safari. When I write a post, the toolbar that normally appears above the text, allowing me to add photos and adjust fonts, disappears. When I open Blogger using Google Chrome, the toolbar appears and works fine. Why do I think the corporate minds at Google are forcing me to use Chrome and abandon Safari? I suspect conspiracy.

(I'm not sure why Safari is my browser of choice, because by most accounts it's a substandard browser. My underdog-supporting nature, I suppose.)

Anyway, another crazy week has come to an end. Yay! Poor Dave is still firing on all four cylinders today as he finishes up the European Honor Band festival. Last night we went to a dinner for festival directors, held at the Waldorf hotel, and tonight I'll go to the concert with our neighbors Chris and Linda. But today, while Dave is at school working with students, I get to relax with Olga.

Our neighborhood pigeon woman has vanished. She has not been in her doorway since about Wednesday, and all her boxes are gone. I wonder what's going on? The pigeons collect in the mornings and wait around hopefully, but no one brings them food and eventually they disperse. I hope she's OK.

(Photo: Maida Vale, March 4.)


  1. Oh! I hope she is okay too!
    Keep us updated.
    And enjoy your day with Olga.

  2. P.S. I use Chrome. It's lovely.

  3. You might never know what happened to her.

    After weeks and weeks of fabrication, I am about worn out. I'll be glad when this stint in the shop is done.

  4. Weird story about Safari. I use Safari all the time but I haven't had any problems like that….yet. There is one blog….just one mind you….that when it opens, it always scrolls down about three or four posts. It always does it and it only does it on that one blog. The funny thing is, if I open that same blog on my work PC using Explorer, it works just fine.

  5. The other day the tool bar at the top of Blogger on CHROME wasn't appearing. I had to shut down the computer and start it up again. Weird. I have no idea what any of it is all about.