Friday, March 28, 2014

The Ex-Boyfriend

Yesterday on my way home from work I passed this oil painting, sitting forlornly out on the sidewalk, drawing curious glances from passersby.

I'm sure there must be a story here. Did the subject of the painting hate it and throw it away? Or maybe it's a former boyfriend or partner or significant other?

Whoever threw the painting out didn't abuse it in any way, so I guess they weren't that angry. Maybe they're hoping someone else will give it a home.

There are people who collect thrift-store art -- art that's so bad it's good -- and this might be a prime example. But I passed it up. I'll leave it for the connoisseurs of such things.

I think his name is Nico. Or maybe Gerardo.

(I hope the title of this post didn't have you thinking I'd be talking about any of my ex-boyfriends. What a bait-and-switch!)

My cold is still sticking with me. It's a very low-key cold. I'm not sniffling or sneezing, I just have a scratchy throat and my energy levels are lower. I haven't called in sick to work, though I have mixed feelings about the wisdom of sitting at the library circulation desk and doling out germs like Typhoid Mary. I wash my hands a lot and hope for the best!

I haven't heard much from Dave, though I know he and his students and coworkers got to the hotel in Paris, which is apparently near Euro-Disney. (Not a part of Paris I've ever wanted to visit, you know?) I told him to say hi to Mickey -- or is it Michel?


  1. That's sort of sad, isn't it?
    Nico or Gerardo sure had soulful eyes.

  2. I think you chose wisely, leaving it on the sidewalk. How curious. When I saw it, I thought, "offering."

    Hey there's a High Line in Paris. If the weather's nice, let's go there! I'm also interested in finding bits of the old city walls. Thought that might interest you.

    Can't wait!

  3. That is somewhat of a mystery. An attractive man and nicely painted too.

    Poor abandoned Nico/Gerardo.

  4. appearances can be deceiving. maybe he was a real jerk.

  5. Oh MY! I totally would have taken him home, I mean, the work is already done, he only needs embellishments and a baby dragon on his shoulder! I hope he found the right crazy person who owns a box of paints, to take him home and make him happy. That is an awesome find! Take loads of zinc and Vitamin D3. I live in the same climate as you and these are the things that keep us well.