Thursday, March 27, 2014

Good Light

This has been a rather chaotic morning. Dave took off for Paris for several days on a school band trip, and realized when he got to school that he forgot to pack a dress shirt. He asked me to bring him one, but I was stuck at home trying fruitlessly to round up a substitute for a middle school math teacher who called in sick.

So Dave took a cab back home and I met him on the street, shirt in hand. I never did find a sub -- the school will have to cover that teacher's absence internally.

On top of this, my cold is dragging me down down down.

It's times like this I appreciate the good light in our apartment. Somehow when you're in the middle of a frenzied morning, being able to look around at shadows and slanting sun is always encouraging! How did I ever live in New York City for ten years in apartments with no direct sunlight?


  1. That's why I spend a huge amount of time on my porch. Light.
    The soul can't live without it.

  2. Very nice light! We keep our oft-used kitchen utensils in a pot similar to yours. Early morning light is the best!

    Feel better soon!

  3. Well seen.

    i too am very keen on morning light.

    hope you feel better soon.



  4. Your comment on my site about Joe made me laugh. If his office is as big as his ego it would take up the whole floor.
    Hope you are kicking that cold.