Tuesday, March 18, 2014


This dandelion took root deep within the interior of the heather plant on our balcony, and somehow managed in that thicket to send up a flower. I never noticed before that dandelions have those funny curved petals, or stamens, or pistils, or whatever they are!

Speaking of our balcony, last week I noticed that our newly-sprouted clematis had been broken off at ground level. At the time, Dave and I blamed the wind and/or Olga. But then a day or two later we discovered that something had dug around in several of our potted plants, throwing dirt around on the balcony and leaving some of the plants a bit bedraggled. I diligently swept up the dirt, only to find yesterday that it had happened again -- and our butterfly bush had been gnawed within an inch of its life. What do you think? Squirrels?

(I hate to think of a squirrel on our balcony, mostly because I'm afraid it would send Olga into a frenzy. And we do have a glass door.)


  1. I have never noticed that detail of the dandelion either.
    Squirrels, possibly. Bugs?
    A problem, whatever it is.

  2. OK, now I'm going to have to look closer at the dandelions in my yard. Squirrels do dig in pots but I wouldn't thing it would gnaw on the butterfly bush.

  3. I never noticed those curly things on dandelions either. I'll have to check that out more closely.
    Do you think it could be a bird getting into your plant. Some birds are very good at digging and throwing the dirt around.

  4. I had squirrels destroy an entire patch of broccoli in my garden last winter. They gnawed the stalks down and took away the rest. So, squirrels get my vote.

  5. squirrels dig in our pots, so do the blue jays, and the wrens. Squirrels are the most enthusiastic so i think that is who is visiting you. You could use netting or something that might repel squirrels, Dawn dish soap is said to sometimes work, never used it so I do not know. Bet you could google all sorts of info re: squirrel repellant. That is worrying about Olga!