Thursday, March 20, 2014

Goldfish Bowl

Not your ordinary goldfish bowl, but an elaborate Chinoiserie vase or urn including, painted on the inside, goldfish. This was sitting next to the "Scum Don't Read" wall for several days before it disappeared. I was tempted to retrieve it and try to fix it, but no, that would be crazy. All those little shards...

Dave is busy at school almost every night this week, hosting the European Honor Band gathering. He is exhausted. I, meanwhile, am keeping my head down, coming home and taking care of the dog, and spending my evenings reading quietly. Which has been wonderful, I must admit.


  1. I wish I had the talent and energy to do mosaics. Wouldn't that bowl have made a beautiful one? I hope that someone did just that with it.
    I am glad you are getting reading time. Let us know if you read something we all need to know about.

  2. I am sure some repurposer, an artist maybe, picked up the pieces and will make something wonderful! I forgot to mention how much I love your kitchen window photo. For some reason it stayed with me all day yesterday, through the night, first thing I thought of this morning! Of all the wonderful photos you have shared why this one sticks (?) - calm and vibrant , I think it is my new "happy place" to conjure in times of stress. Thank you! Just never know...