Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dead Nettles and Gaudy Birdwatchers

Well, I didn't call the dog walker.

But ironically, when I walked Olga to the park yesterday, I saw the woman who runs the dog-walking business that we use. "Olga taking you for a walk, I see?" she said as she passed, subtly needling me about my lack of disciplinary control over my dog, who in her excitement to get to the park was pulling on her leash as usual.

The day was warm and sunny, and we found a patch of dead nettle blooming in the grass. I photographed the same wildflower in New Jersey a few years ago -- a transatlantic species, apparently.

All morning Olga was very reluctant to give up her Kong, even for the brief moment required for me to throw it. So she carried it around and chewed it while we lay together in the grass. We watched the man and little girl in the top photo fly their kite on the broad swath of lawn leading to the "Physical Energy" statue.

And we saw a pair of birdwatchers wearing colors rarely found in nature.

Then we came home and got into bed, where I read all afternoon before watching "Absolutely Fabulous" with a cheese plate and a glass of wine (or two) -- a glorious way to spend Saturday evening.

Here is today's silly Google Street View link. I found this while trying to figure out some of the filming locations for the movie "Beautiful Thing." The pub in the background appeared in the movie. Pretty sure those guys in front didn't, though.


  1. Great street view! Sounds like you had a fine and balanced day.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day. I hate it when people "subtly needle." Oh well, you and Olga have your own dynamic!

  3. I love Absolutely Fabulous and I haven't seen an episode in ages. I'll have to that out.

  4. As long as the dog behaves when you need it to, I see nothing wrong with letting it lead on the leash. She's saying, c'mon on already, let's go!

  5. I love these restful posts -- your photos, your meandering thoughts --