Saturday, May 24, 2014

Artist's Window -- February 2007

A blast from the past this morning. I was looking through some old street photos that I took in New York years ago -- not long after I got my first digital camera -- and I came across this one. I took it on West 22nd Street in Chelsea, on Feb. 17, 2007.

I remember being intrigued by the artworks propped up in this person's window.

Can you dig the Realtor's "Rent" sign, painted with roaches, pigeons and rats? And who's the woman on the right -- do you think it's Marilyn or just a look-alike?

At any rate, I got to wondering whether this window still exists. So I got on Google Street View, and sure enough, this tenant is still firmly in place (at least as of September 2013):

Looks like maybe the artworks in the window have changed a bit, but Marilyn (or whoever she is) and the "Rent" sign are still there.

Happy Saturday, everyone!


  1. I don't know if that's very cool or very scary that you can check on that sitting on the other side of the ocean.